15. Feeling hot hot hot.

15. 15/01/2020.

Wednesday started off with a hot water bottle pressed firmly next to my face.


Now I can handle pain. Lots of pain, but toothache is different. It literally felt like I had red hot knife ripping part of my jaw apart. The previous night thebeanspoonerswife had suggested a hot water bottle, and normally I prefer to be cold, but in this instance, a hot water bottle was definitely needed.

I did have a little bit of a better night’s sleep due to the water bottle, so I decided to role it into my day.

It was indeed a very cold day, so the hot water bottle was pretty helpful.

I am assuming, at some point I am going to have to call the dreaded dentist for an appointment, as I very much doubt the toothache is going to miraculously vanish, shame!

The sleep was better, but the morning was spent doing odd random jobs and catching up on some writing. Bruce and I decided to battle down the hatches, so to speak and sit on the sofa and watch some TV.

Thebeanspoonerswife was out and about for work for the day and randomly called me every once in a while, to either check I was ok, or to waffle on about something or another, like we normally do.

The weather/storm was supposed to have let up a little, but from where Bruce and I are, it doesn’t seem to be doing what they said it was going to, no surprise there then.

Both of my annoying people back under one roof with me, and the weather just got worse and worse. Magoo was telling us both in graphic detail about his day at school.

His school project for this term is all about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

They had had a visit from a Geologist on the afternoon, and she had been telling them about all sorts of rocks and rock formations that come with volcanoes and earthquakes. Unfortunately at this point, I switched off, as i get lost with all this geeky stuff, but thebeanspoonerswife took great interest, as this was what she studied at University.

The night was spent with her catching up with work and Magoo doing some reading and generally spending time as a family.

For the second night in a row, Magoo took himself off to bed early and the oddly, again, decided he wanted to go to sleep earlier than normal.

We think hes having a growth spurt, so is feeling tired more, that and I think hes still getting over having a cold, and feeling a bit under the weather the last few weeks, as the lurgy is still hanging around school.

So bed.

We honestly weren’t too far behind.

I’m always tired just before bed, or just when i get into bed, but then the moment i get comfy, I’m awake.

Last night I decided to watch more of ‘All creatures great and small’. I had watched the first film on a previous night, so decided to  watch the second, ‘It shouldn’t happen to a Vet’.  I hadn’t seen either of them before, so I found them both light hearted and amusing to watch.

The sleep….the hot water bottle was helping.