14. Tuesday, how I forgot.

14. 14/01/2020.

So Tuesday started off odd.

I was awake still at 2am ISH. I made the decision to try and get some sleep, when in theory I should have kept myself awake and had a shitty but tiring day, to try and reset my body clock.

The weather was still shite and battling against any solid object. You could hear the waves crashing even at that time of the night/morning.

I have to be honest, I slipped up. I never wrote this post at the time I should have, and me being me, I’ve honestly forgotten a lot about what happened on this day….the joys of having a shitty memory.

The only real things I can remember, are that I noticed that this blog has been getting a lot of traffic.  I have a bot installed that only I really know how it works etc, and it actually shows me who visits this site, who views it, and where they have found me from.

I think I will add more to this in a later post, when I have more time and more enthusiasm.

That is all for this post.