13. Monday Monday Monday.

13. 13/01/2020.

The fucking storm. Seriously….the fucking storm.

The harbour where we live is closed. The quay is closed. Half the village is closed.

I got woken up by the weather.

The weather….the weather woke me up for fucks sake!

Everyone had already left for their days, so it was myself, Bruce and the annoying wanker who is black and white, the cat.

So Monday, it’s a routine, a ritual if you like.

Beds get changed. Duvets and pillows flung everywhere, dirty covers off, new colour coded ones on.

Magoo had asked for his Star Wars covers to be on. They are double sided, and after making his bed and popping back his 1001 cuddly toys onto the bed, it dawned on me, had I put the duvet on the right way around…it being double sided….

Ah…even if I hadn’t, I’m sure he would tell me!

I had by the way!

About lunch time the weather was coming in harder and harder.

That’s the nice thing, so to speak of living where we do…you get to not only see, but hear the waves crashing over the harbour wall, and the small island just off shore.

It truly is a sight to see!

While I work from home I listen to alot of music, but mainly podcasts.

I think it’s a distraction, but mainly it’s entertaining.

The main podcast I listen to is fromm an Australian radio breakfast show, sort of like catch up for radio.

The show has been on there Christmas/Summer break for nearly a month. So it was nice to have dropped listening to old podcasts and listen to something up to date and familiar, while importer about and did some work.

So the day dragged on, jobs done, writing done, child collected from school, we were all back under one roof.

Magoo filled us in on his day, his best mate Woody was finally back after being sick all the previous week, and he had just massaged us into texting another friend’s mom to see if they could come round on Friday…..they could!

His other mate, Mr P, is awesome. Brilliant sent of humour, quick witted and good laugh, like friends when you are 8/9 should be!

So we did a little school work, reading, ate dinner and then settled down so we could watch the rest of his kids detective programme we have all been watching.

With that done, Magoo took himself off to bed as he was shattered. He sat and watched cartoons for a bit I think.

Thebeansooonerswife caught up on her emails from work while I caught up on my writing and faffing with my pet hate, social media.

Magoo finally alseep, we weren’t far behind as everyone is sleepy at the moment.

The weather on the other hand….was just getting bloody started!