12. High and mighty?

12. 12/01/2020.

So, up early for a Sunday morning!

I felt like I had a mild hangover tho.

I didn’t sleep too well the night before. I had, infact stayed up later watching a film, in bed.

All creatures great and small, from 1973 I think, of all things. Odd film. But worth the watch.

Enough about my insomniac film watching.

The city, the big smoke, the concrete jungle.

We were off to collect our new glasses on Sunday morning.

Uneventful car journey, albeit an interesting and funny one.

When we got to our destination it became apparent a mishap had happened on the telephone the day before and all of our glasses were ready, apart from one pair of mine…balls!

Not the worst thing that could have happened. And truth be told, it didn’t really bother me. Both Magoo and thebeansooonerswife were getting new new glasses. New frames, stronger lenses, mine were just new pairs…new frames, same strength lenses, so theirs were alot more important.

Anyways, it gives us another reason to go for a wander next week, when they are in store, but more likely the week after. And I’m assuming we will go on Saturday, so it means more shops are open, and the toy shop will be open for Magoo to have a look in, as it doesn’t open on a Sunday….how dare they!

We had a wander round, and then home.

Sunday’s are normally spent being a family. Doing family things, together.

There have been times when we haven’t been able to spend an entire day either weekend day, doing that, just being us and together, for one reason or another.

I have a sneaky feeling my Sunday posts will be the most boring to write and for you to read/be nosey about.

I will point out we spent the day together. No fucking social media, no pictures of each other, food, coffee, checking-in where we were or any such bollocks.

Just us, being us.

We had dinner, we sat, we chatted, we got stuff ready for school and work the next day and then bed.

Oh, and thebeansooonerswife and I started the second season of that programme, and no, it’s not a lighter subject matter, I have a feeling it’s going to be even worse as it unfolds.

Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for any juicy titbits into my life….!