11. Together alone?!

11. 11/01/2020.

Saturday……Saturday morning all bets are off. Everyone fends for themselves, so to speak. Not like Battle Royale, or the Hunger Games, more, just let’s have 5 more mins sleep, Magoo is already up watching the TV!

Isn’t that what early weekend mornings are about?

They were when I was a kid, and anyways, he has Bruce, who will undoubtedly protect him to the bitter end, and vise versa, if anything does happen!

So the weekend. We ended to all collect our glasses at some point, so after a quick call to the opticians to confirm they all in, it was decided we would go on Sunday, as we had shopping to do on Saturday.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do a boat load of stuff with Magoo, but the weather was a bit shitty, and he really couldn’t make his mind up what he wanted to do. But we still needed to eat, so we still needed to go food shopping!

I love all these posts from parents, on all forms of social media saying what they have done over the weekend.

It’s always something amazing and extravagant, in some far flung destination….random and normally free.

Most of the time when you read into these posts, there at least 2 groups that have gone together, that way, the kids all play together, while the parents sit around drinking coffee, playing with their phones and generally not interacting with their own offspring’s!

So in my eyes, totally pointless.

I can remember doing loads with my parents, mainly my dad. My mom normally worked of a weekend, dad did not. When they got divorced, mom worked more in the week and then I saw my dad of a weekend.

We used to do loads….swimming, bowling, adventures in the park, museums, art galleries, the lot. But we always did these things together!



After shopping, we could tell Magoo just wanted a lazy day.

He had a new series to watch of a programme he found, but we all watch it together.

It called, The Inbestigators. It’s about 4 best friends, who investigate crimes within there school community. They are 15 min episodes. So you get 2 in the 30 min show.

Think murder she wrote (minus any murders), diagnosis murder (minus the murders) and any young kids comedy show. It’s set in Australia and for some reason it works, with kids and adults.

So we sat down to watch a few of those while having dinner.

We then started on his homework. Well, we looked at his home work.

He has half a term, the length of the project to pick 2 or 3 things from his sheet, to complete by the end of the half term, so about 5 to 6 weeks.

We spoke about what the tasks were, and which ones held any interest to him, as it’s pointless getting him to do anything, if it’s not interesting to him, as he’s the one doing it!

It was decided. Grand ideas were decided. So this should be fun.

Not long after that, he took himself off to bed to watch cartoons.

We don’t think he’s very well. Not sick sick, just not firing on his usual sarcastic cylinders!

We settled down to watch the rest of this crime drama we were watching. We had 2 episodes left. 2 hours.

Let’s just say they were a tough 2 hours. It was a tough going series. But definitely worth a watch….series 2 is next, and I honestly hope the subject matter is a little lighter, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be!

Then bed!