9. The howling!


Wednesday night I didn’t really sleep at all.

I was unsettled, cooking to death and freezing cold.

At one point I thought my appendix might be bursting and all I could think about was the chest bursting scene from Alien or the scene out of The Thing, when they first discover it.

Let’s just say it was a long night.

Magoo had a right shitty mood on in the morning, which I can only put down to he’s either, a: tired, or b: a prick.

He could be both I suppose.

It rained very heavily mid morning and Bruce decides this was going to be the moment he was going to howl the lounge down and scare me half to death.

Bruce hasn’t howled for a very long time. The only real time I can remember him doing it was when he was a puppy I think, he’s 12, so it’s been some time.

Saying that, the sky had gone a very horrible shade of black, and it looked like impending doom was upon us for about 45 mins!

He ended up sitting in his pit under the coffee table. He couldn’t have been too bothered as the next time I heard him, he wasn’t howling, but quite contently snoring his little black head off!

Our neighbour over the road has been away since before christmas, and it’s very odd her not being there. When I sit and work in the kitchen, the window faces the beach and harbour, and you can see where she parks her bright red pick up. So it’s just odd not seeing it still.

So, odd jobs sorted, laundry washed and on to dry, Bruce and I settle down in the kitchen while I do some work for an hour.

He sits under the table, over my feet, like a really weird foot warmer. I dare not move my feet, incase it makes him uncomfortable!

My day moved pretty quickly.

I’d decided I wasn’t going to collect Magoo from school with thebeansooonerswife, who incidentally was having her last full proper days training for her new job!

I decided on getting dinner cooked early so we actually got some time to do bits and bobs as a family after eating, rather than having a little bit of TV time, then bed.

Having said that, Magoo came home from school, how shall we say…..fucked off.

He hasn’t been right for days as the dreaded lurgy is going around. His best mate Woody is still off school, and Magoo hasn’t caught it yet, but seems to be getting a few of the symptoms!

So he asked if he could go to bed about 6.30 and watch his TV in his room.

By 7.45 he’s ready for sleep and all snugged down in his pit!

We sat and watched a crime drama, which has a very dark story line and 5 more episodes to watch, so we watched 2, 4 more to go! It’s intriguing. It’s not one of those ones when you can work out who has committed the crime straight away and you are waiting for the detectives to prove it!

So it should be good.

Then bed.