10. Like a scene from Carrie!

10. 10/01/2020.

Today was the first day thebeansooonerswife was working from home for her new job.

She works 3 days out surveying and 2 days from home doing quality control.

When I finally woke up, I woke up with a bang!

It must have been after 10….but I caught by nose and sprayed blood everywhere.

Luckily I had tissue next to the bed for such an occasion, so rammed some up my nose in a very undignified fashion.

I did, however have to call thebeansooonerswife for a little assistance as I was covered in blood, but still wrapped up in the duvet….now that’s a wife!

So when I finally got downstairs after cleaning myself up, I noticed she was all set up and working in the kitchen, albeit taking over the kitchen table!

Bloody woman!

She was telling me about after dropping Magoo off for school, she had had an argument with someone who lived up the road, while she was parking.

I would assume from her description, he was a second home owner in our village.

He had decided to monopolise a few parking spaces outside his house and reserve them with traffic cones, so his tree surgeons had somewhere to work while at his property. She had gone to park in a space and he run out onto his balcony in his dressing gown, being verbally abuse and demanding she move.

She had tried to calmly explain, that you can’t just dump traffic cones onto public spaces, onto public roads, just because you were having work done at you house.

It sounds like it got heated for about 10 mins, with him demanding to know where she lived etc…I’m very surprised she didn’t tell him to go fuck himself!

I have a sneaky feeling if she wasn’t at work, or I was with her….this may have well happened!


She spent the better part of the day typing reports, answering her phone, drinking coffee and generally being in the way.

But, I have to be honest, it’s nice to have someone else apart from Bruce in the house, if not a little odd!

Short post, as the rest of the day was spent tripping over each other and then getting Magoo from school.

He came home with a new school project homework sheet.

And that’s about it….mundane and boring!

Some days are!