8. 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

8. 08/01/2020.

Everyone was up on time and ready to go about there days pretty early in the morning.

Magoo was off to the beach in the morning for a class trip. He has a new project this term, which I think is called ‘Tremors’.

I wonder, if like me, your first thought was the 1990 film starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Wars, but alas , it’s about earth tremors and seismic activities around the globe.

It wasn’t….if it was, well hell, I could have helped him ace part of this terms school project in one afternoon!

Damn it!!!

Better luck next time.

They are off to the beach to study rock formations and erosion patterns I think.

I’ve honestly tried to take an interest, but as thebeansooonerswife has a degree in Geology, it’s more her specialist subject. Mine would have been the film , starring the great man himself , Kevin Bacon!

So the rest of my day was spent doing the usual.

We both went to collect Magoo from school.

I’d been worried for most of the day as the weather at home had been shite and raining, and as the ever so unorganised school hadn’t told us what beach they were going to, fingers crossed it had stayed dry for him.

It did.

When we got to school, as per normal all the kids were running riot at after school club. The hall felt wet, as all the kids were sweating…..running around and playing doing god knows what.

It’s always a struggle to get him to put his coat on, as we know it’s freezing outside, but he’s got, sweaty and all he wants to do is strip off as he’s so warm.

We had to pop and get a few groceries so on the drive there and home, he didn’t really mention much to us about the trip out.

He told us what beach they went to, a quickly what they had done there!

Personally, I wouldn’t have taken 26 kids to that particular beach, as it’s neither nice or clean, but it may have helped them with there project, who knows!

So grocery shopping down quickly, it was home to a dinner of spaghetti bolognese, a family favourite.

We did a little reading for school and then Magoo vanished some watch a new cartoon he has found, but oddly can’t pronounce the name of it!

We spent a while discussing our days and thebeansooonerswife talked about bits and bobs she still needs to clarify and ask her boss when she see his for training the following day.

That’s it….the rest of the night was spent being a family…..

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