7. In the twenties.

7. 07/01/2020.

Monday night was not a good night for sleeping.

I honeslty woke up in the middle of the night and thought a red hot poker had been stabbed into my gut.

I let out the longest and most satisfying fart, but still, the red hot pain was there.

I actually put it done to still feeling like crap.

I kept waking up either sweating for shivering!

When I finally got some sleep, I have a sneaky feeling it was only for about 30 mins, but it felt like an eternity.

As usual everyone else was up and about and getting ready to go to work and school.


I had a list as long as your arm of odds jobs to do, as well as promising myself I would settle down before lunch to do some writing.

By 10.45 am I was still procrastinating and not doing anything that I had planned for the morning.

Oh well!

Lunch came and went uneventfully, Bruce I I shared a sandwich and a packet of crisps, very rock and role..!

Thebeansooonerswife is working in Falmouth for the day and I think, being assessed by one of her two bosses, just to make sure she’s doing her job their way, not anyone elses…..all very technical!

She called after her last job to again ask if I was going with her to get Magoo from school…in all honesty, I didn’t have anything else better to do, so I went along.

He’s always so hot and sweaty when we pick him up from after school club, due to running around for the better part of 2 hours with the other kids who are there.

Finally at home, after listening to his garbled day of random stuff, we had to Skype my dad, who lives the better part of 350 miles away.

But first Magoo needed a shower as he was claggy as hell from running around!

My little sister was 24.

So we all wanted to wish her a happy birthday, but sometimes it’s pot luck if she’s around, as she works some way away from home, she’s not ally in traffic, or off to the gym, or off out….she has a very busy social life you know, but still has the benefits of living at home!

Oddly she was there!

My little brother was exceptionally chatty tonight. He normally pops up on screen for a few mins to say hello, catch up and then vanish. But he hung around for a good 30 mins chatting to both Magoo and I!

We said out goodbyes and ate dinner together.

By the time we had done some school work, read some of Magoo’s school.book, it was about 7.15pm. Magoo decided to wanted to watch a few cartoons before bed, so that’s what he did.

We had a very quiet and uneventful night.

They normally turn out to be the best nights

I just wondered if I would actually get any sleep, as I was feeling wide awake when we made out way up to bed, a little after Magoo had said his good night’s….!