6. Monday and the evil, vile, dreaded child lurgy from hell!

6. 06/01/2020.

Monday, the first day back after a long gap.

Magoo and thebeansooonerswife seemed to slip back into their morning routines pretty easy. Well I say easy, but you never know.

I on the other hand was fucked.

I had had a horrendous night’s sleep. I kept waking up to either stop myself choking on the ever increasing amounts of snot sliding down the back of my throat, or to kick the duvet off myself as I was burning, or scurry around looking for the duvet as I was freezing my skin off!

It’s wasn’t pretty.

I was in a 50/50 state the entire time they were getting up and ready. I caught half of the conversations they were either having with themselves or oddly me.

They said there goodbyes, I heard the door slam shut and then I was out.

When I finally woke, I was freezing, but oddly my head was burning like mad!

So I assumed Monday was going to be a fun day.

I did have a few things planned, but I was hesitant they would even happen.

Was I just going to get dressed and sit on the sofa all day with Bruce?

No..I had some odd jobs to do, and the best way to get this child lurgy to go, was to sweat it out.

Laundry and beds to do, I set about doing the latter first.

Magoo’s room felt like a furnace. His bed changed and made, all the bloody cuddly toys out back where they live on his bed, I quickly tidied his room.

The main room was next, and it’s our. This room felt alot cooler. It is in general, but I think I’m having very bad, menopausal like hot flushes!

So, beds finally changed, I made my way down stairs to check on Bruce.

He was, as always, sitting in his pit.

His pit is underneath and old coffee table we have, in the corner of the lounge.

It’s full of balnkets, old cushions and some of his doggy type toys. As he’s a black dog, unless he’s hanging out the end of the underneath, you really cannot tell where he is.

As I get downstairs he appears!

Again…very loyal.

Bruce checked on, the cat isn’t around, I decide to maybe burn the lurgy out by having the most horrible of got showers.

It didn’t work.

Just made me feel sick!

So after sitting on the bed for a while, I got dressed and set about tying not to sweat to death.

I spent most of the remainder of the day/afternoon, catching up on laundry, folding washing and doing some work.

I decided to start clearing some of the shite off of the kitchen table.

By shite, I mean Magoos crap, that always seemed to pile up there!

I was shattered. Really shattered.

Thebeansooonerswife called me at lunch to tell me how her new job is going, and to check I was awake and ok.

I did get a message from his best friend’s Woody’s mom, saying he wasn’t at school, and may not be for a few days, and he and his older brother have been laid up with the flu lurgy since last Friday!

I hope Woody is better soon. Magoo misses him when he’s not there!

Thebeansooonerswife called later in the day to say she had finished doing her jobs and was off to get Magoo from school. I decided to go with her, as it meant a little fresh air, and I always like picking him up from school, as I know my presence there will always upset someone!

I’m in.

So off we went.

Fucking hell is was cold out.

I had been cooped up all day, warm clothes and an extra warm hoodie on, so going out into the fresh sea breeze was a fucking eye watering experience.

On the journey back from school, Magoo was telling us about his day, in his usual fashion. You know the sort, trying to fit 6-7 hours of school into a 30 seconds breath of a conversation.

By the sounds of it, he had had a mixed day.

Some ups, a few downs, but in general, better than both he and us thought he was going to have. Which is always a bonus.

Most of his first and second day back at school shenanigans will be edited onto its own personal post, as not to waffle on and bore you too much in a day to day post!

So after getting home and deciding on what was for dinner, thebeansooonerswife sorted bits and bobs out and I sat and read some of Magoo’s reading book, for school the next day. He is currently doing something called free reading. Where he gets to choose his own books (teacher approved) and read at his own pace…..they have to read in school, and school like them to read to a parent/adult at least 3 times a week. We always try and do it every night….try!

So after that was out of the way, and dinner, it was nearly 7pm. We decided to sit and watch a film, Horrible Histories, The movie. Not the most accurate portrayal of ancient Rome, bit funny none the less! Magoo was in fits of laughter thought most of it, so that’s always a good sign!

After we had watched some TV, it was bed, for everyone, Magoo was popped from his first day back at school and thebeansooonerswife was knackered from running around doing all that she had had to do!

I just wish I was tired and could sleep like they both seem to be able to!