5. 60. Really?!

5. 05/01/2020.

Sunday. The day one of my musical hero’s tinted 60!

60 for fucks sake.

The one and only Michael Stipe, of R.E.M turned 60.

Have you ever seen either himself, or R.E.M perform live….if you haven’t, you truly have missed something magical.


It was the day before normality arrived.

Monday (so today, if I am still churning these out properly), is Magoo’s first day back at school.

I woke up feeling like shit.

For weeks we have avoided this dreaded cold and lurgy that everyone and every kid at his school has either had, or been spreading about.

The school policy states that if your child is sick, as in ergggghhhhh, like puke sick, they stay away from school for 48 hours.

I can honeslty say, that like in your kids schools, this rarely happens.

It’s like rules don’t apply to some of the kids and parents at that place….but if we send ours, all hell would kick off.

Anyways….all the dirty little fuckers have been ill at some point, but we had managed to avoid it….until Sunday.

We had planned the day before to have one massive day of doing stuff before school kicked off.

I fucked that up royally by waking up with a throat that felt like someone had poured sand down it, and then smacked me in the head with a donkeys arse!

I did not feel good.

It was quickly decided that we would do some other, less shall we say, strenuous things, as I was fucked from just having a shower and getting dressed.

We didn’t really get going till lunch time, and even then, it was slow going.

So off out, random stuff done, and then home.

Sometimes I will go into great depth the things we do, and other times I won’t.

No real reason, just depends on how I’m feeling and if I can be arsed.

School stuff all sorted for tomorrow, we decided to play monopoly, but on the switch!

45 mins later, I’m more bankrupt than a corrupt American official and Magoo has a debt so large, most uni students would scoff at it!

So dinner was sorted, TV watched, we decided to settle in for one last quiet night before the madness of bullshit and normality of school routine kicked in!

My head and nose feel like they are either on fire, or frozen to death.

As I’m writing this on Monday morning, I can assure you, my night’s sleep was not a pleasant one!

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