4. Carrots?

4. 04/01/2020.

Saturday….just if you are following.

We all got up super early for a weekend day day.

We all had eye tests booked in for super early, in Truro. Which is about 45 mins away from our house, our nearest ‘proper’ city.

I hate getting up in the dark.

The previous night’s sleep was shit….and I mean shit.

I’ve noticed as I’m aging that sleeping is really hard when I actually should be asleep.

I find falling asleep in the middle of the day, or in the car when traveling (I don’t drive, don’t panic), super super easy.

But at night. When normal people sleep….nope!

When we all go to bed I go up with all honest intensions of hopefully passing out and having a quiet night’s sleep.

This has yet to happen.

Like I said….the previous night’s sleep was a disaster….by the time I got settled, I think it was somewhere near 2am!


All washed and dressed and out the door.

The drive to Truro was painless, and I even managed to stay awake.

Now Magoo likes the opticians.

They are super good with him.

And us to be honest.

So, eyes tested.

Magoo and thebeansooonerswife needed new glasses. I did not! Makes a change.

It was decided that the best value for money way around everything, was for us all to get new glasses.

So, the painful task of finding frames began. Nearly 2 hours later we left, all paid up, and happy with what we had all gotten.

Now just starts the wait….which I think is about 2 ish weeks!

A wander around the ‘big’ shops, and then we got the car for the ride home.

I like going to the city, don’t get me wrong, but I like leaving it even more.

The drive home was uneventful as the traffic was moving pretty easy.

Again, Bruce was beyond happy to see us.

I do wander what he does while we were out?

Does he have his mates round? Does the cat run his arse in his face? Are they even friends?!

Who knows!

Tonight was the last night for Christmas lights in our village.

I’ll miss them, as it’s a very magical experience, but I won’t miss the hustle and madness it brings with it.

By the time we get home, the village is already starting to fill up with people wandering around.

We decide to have dinner a little earlier than normal so we can go down and watch the final switch on for the year!

We missed 8t by about half an hour as we were faffing about, still, it’s nice to wander around such a spectacle, so close to home.

When we finally get back home, colder and even more tired than when we left, thebeansooonerswife vanishes for a bath.

She’s had a tough, but fun few days starting her new job. Hitting the ground running by the sounds of it, which is always best.

Magoo and I decide to play some video games!

What else is there to do on a cold, wet and miserable Saturday evening? Bliss!

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