3. I don’t sleep I dream.

3. 03/01/2020.

I’m quietly impressed that on day 3 of a new year, I’m still keeping this posting daily malarkey up.

My determination and will power can be pretty shit sometimes.

I can feel that week day posts maybe longer than weekend posts.

Just a feeling.

So we are onto Friday.

The last day of Magoo’s holiday.

Thebeansooonerswife left early for work as she has one final day of training left to do with one of her new bosses, for one of the roles she will be doing with this company.

It was still dark, and I was still asleep….and I think Magoo was as well.

Both of us finally awake, we pottered (we do that alot).

He had already made himself breakfast (yes I’m a bad dad, but he’s 8 for fucks sake…making cereal isn’t hard!).

He was sat at the kitchen table colouring in some pictures he had drawn whilst also multi tasking and watching a cartoon!

I ran him a bath, as there’s nothing more he likes, than to soak in the bath till he goes wrinkly!

He soaks and watches cartoons on his iPad….so I decided I would sit with him, and shave my head.

Two birds, one stone so to speak.

He was watching Power Rangers in space…..in space!

I didn’t watch any of it, but I was listening, and by Christ it was awful.

I’ve shaved my head for years now, due to going bald and getting even balder by the week.

Magoo was asking me questions like, ‘why use shaving gel on you head?’, ‘does it hurt using a razor blade on your head?’, ‘wow you really are bald aren’t you dad?!’.

Which is fine, but while having Power Rangers murder bad guys in the back ground, Magoo waffling on, my attention was NOT what it should have been.

I felt a stinging pain at the front of my head.

I’d nicked a very tiny lump, what would have been the peak of my hair line….fuck it!

You’d think after all these years I’d know what I was doing.

So after mopping up the brightly coloured blood trickling down my face, Magoo showing no signs of worry, I finished off my head!

After faffing doing all of that, we set about pottering and finishing off some little projects we had started over the holidays, with the aim of completing them.

We did….just about.

Thebeansooonerswife got home a little earlier than the night before, but still later than normal for her.

Dinner sorted, we settled down to waffle on about our days.

Magoo waffled on about all the stuff he had done, and what tasks we had completed, and which ones we had failed miserably at!

Thebeansooonerswife told us about her day, all these new roles she will be filling and jobs she’s expected to do, and all the new tech she is waiting for, that arrives Monday/Tuesday of next week.

She is literally like a kid in a sweet shop, she’s so excited.

After seeing her treated pretty horrifically in her previous job, this is beyond nice to see, as she deserves to be rewarded for her expertise and experience in her field!

She really is very good at her job!