2. Really, really….yes really!

2. 02/01/2020.

We had to get up early to make sure thebeansooonerswife caught the bus to catch her train, to get to her new job and collect her van and geeky goodies in the morning.

Is was still fucking dark when I opened the curtains to show the world my arse, and more than likely my cock and balls, good job it was that dark and the fact we live in a very sparsely populated village.

We had decided to go with her to the train station to make sure she got the train ok, and to help with first day nerves.

Magoo is good of a morning. Up, dressed, teeth brushed.

Shame his sarcastic undertones came with him!

Anyone reckon they will ever leave? Or just morph into something even more?


We got the bus, deep joy.

On arrival at the station we worked out we had a pretty long wait, well 50 mins, but to an 8 year old, nearly an hour is wayyyyyyy to long to have to sit and wait.

We parked ourselves in the cheap seats waiting room, adjacent to the posh waiting room…..divided by a glass wall, talk about a kick in the arse.

A little old lady and younger family member came in about 20 mins into our sentence.

She was Australian, said good morning, and then starting mentioning the weather. She mentioned our weather, even though overcast and shit, it was better then what they were experiencing back.

We spoke about the devastation and the animals, homeowners and farmers it’s affecting.

She then vanished with her companion to sort her train out.

Even in sleepy Penzance at 8am on a Thursday morning, I cans till find someone interesting to waffle onto.

So, train left, a little grocery shopping done and then home.

Bruce, in all honesty was so over whelmed to see us, I thought he might pee! He didn’t!

So Magoo decided he was going to do his own thing while I got on with some chores.

Beds changed, laundry folded and popped away, we decided to get dinner on the go and cooking away for later on.

Thebeansooonerswife made her destination on time, and one of her new bosses collected her from the station.

She had text me and seemed to be having a good morning.

Magoo got a ‘grow your own minerals/crystals’ set from Santa….

We’ve run out of stones/pebbles already.

So it’s handy we live so close to a beach!

So we have decided tomorrow, we will go and collect some more stones, so he can perfect his crazy scientists persona!

Magoo has decided we are going to potter together, watch some TV, kills some bass guys in the computer and generally lounge around till his mom/my wife arrive home.

I cannot argue with that….for a change!

That’s basically what we did all.after noon.

Throw in some more cooking and prepping and we ended up watching cartoons!

Thebeansooonerswife got home later than anyone thought as she had loads to do on her first day.

Buying new tools, endless amounts of paper work, dealing with shitty emails from her old boss (separate post about that place at some point), and having to go and collect her new van.

So upon her arrival home, we ate dinner together, spoke about our days and sat and watched some TV as a family.

Magoo has a thing for Topgear at the moment.

We watched a new episode and we thought he might pee himself, while sitting in the armchair, laughing at the childish behaviour.

We think he has now got to that stage……

Not pissing himself, but finding that teenager humour so hysterically funny, we think we are doomed!

Is it right an 8 year old finds that sort of humour so hysterically funny?

Saying that, I’m 40 and so did I!