The shape of things to come. Goodbye 2019, 2020 is here and hellllllloooooo nurse!

So, 2019 has drawn to a close.

The teens, that last decade, fucking hell.

Way too much to describe has gone on.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Things that would break a normal person, a normal wife, a normal marriage, a normal team, but not us.

The blogs got to change.

Social media has really fucked with my head the last few months.

Excessive shite from other people has made me realise a few things.

Not to the point of making any new years resolutions, as be honest, what’s the point?

No one, honestly or truthfully keeps them.

And whenever in the past I have made them, I might last, say 3-4 days, and I think, fuck it….and revert back to my old ways.

Anyways, enough about that.

Each day, for the next year, I will be posting a blog post, here and hopefully link it to my own personal social media accounts, I’m thinking both to Facebook and Instagram.

And probably, if I can honestly be arsed a picture. (That will be more than likely on Facebook though).

So each day a post will go on, and 9 out of 10 days a picture.

Normally waffling on about the previous day.

So today’s post, Wednesday….will about yesterday. Thursday about Wednesday, and so forth. You know what I mean.

Today’s, Wednesday’s, isn’t about Tuesday.

It’s a bench mark post. Saying what’s going on.

There are 366 days in 2020, as it’s a leapyear…

So, that’s means at least, hopefully, 366 boring, exciting, mundane, funny, blunt and to the point blog posts. There may be a few more chucked in for good measure about other random shite I find the time to write about.

The posts will probably range from a paragraph, to an essay, depending on my levels of how much I can be arsed to contribute to the world.

Nothing is being censored, sugar coated, diluted or taken down.

I personally pay for this blog, it’s domain presence, so it’s mine, and all content. It’s not yours, you can comment if you want, follow it daily. Read it, share it, do what you like. But I WILL be writing what I want. End of!

Our real ames are all that will not be mentioned, and Magoo’s school. (Child safety and what not).

But in all honestly, you know what we are called and who we are, where we live etc.

Have a happy 2020 fuckers…

And let the games begin!

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