I need Chuck Norris

Why have I been M.I.A ?

The list is pretty endless I’m afraid.

And I mean endless!

I think if I check, its been nearly 2 months since a quick post and maybe even longer for a decent, really good read.

I’ve not been feeling my best mentally and I’ve been a bit under the weather.

We have also had a lot on.

It was the end of the holidays, then we had new school year, the hustle and bustle of the new school year, parents evening, then we hit party season, as Magoo has lots of classmates and friends with birthdays in the first part of the school year.

We then had Magoo’s own birthday, and his party to organise and make sure it was 100% for him and his buddies. We also had my parents down (for Magoo’s party).

We then had Halloween, which is crazy where we live and Magoo had his friends round, so we trebled the amount of kids we normally have to make sure we keep alive.  It was crazy!

We then had bonfire night, and the village literally kicks of with the most explosive firework display!

Now we roll into the Christmas period.

We have schools plays, school Christmas play songs and lines to learn.

We have Christmas to sort out, presents to sort, and the main hustle and craziness of this time of year has arrived.

We also have the Christmas lights in the village that get turned on soon.

So in all honesty, we’ve had a hell of a lot of stuff on, and I’ve been a bit ‘yeah, I’ll write something at some time’, and I have just never really found the time to!

But, hopefully I’m going to try and update this as regular as I used to.

I think I need to!


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