Age appropriate?

What’s gets classed as age appropriate these days!?

Reading that back, makes me say it in my father’s voice, and then slowly think am I turning into him?

He does have more hair than I do!

But no.

What is defined as being age appropriate?

I’m talking about for children.

I’m 40, I couldn’t give a fuck what is, or is not, classed as age appropriate for me.

If it makes me happy….well there you go.

But Magoo.

He’s 7, 8 very soon.

He has a very odd sense of humour.

He’s a cross between Jack Dee, Baldrick from Blackadder, and any sarcastic comic you can think of, rolled into a small persons body and mind!

Think a short Ricky Gervais!

That’s him.

We don’t ever use foul language infront of him, but we use the milder words… know the ones, I don’t need to hang myself by stating which ones!

Hes ultimately sarcastic to the core, so sometimes we forget he’s still 7/8 going on 45.

So what’s classes as age appropriate….?!


And be honest with us, and yourselves, you do it too….but I very much doubt you’d admit it anyone!

We do….why not..he’s our kid!

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