What’s in a name?!

Do you really know what’s in a name?!

As a blog writer, I obviously follow other blog writers and being male, I normally follow more dad orientated blogs over anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I follow a wide spectrum of blog writers, blogs and websites.

But I normally find the male side of being a parent, more in fitting with my lifestyle, my sense of humour and my take on being a parent, when it comes to following parenting blogs.

I do also follow some amazing women, moms etc, who have true life, near the knuckle and hysterically funny blogs as well.

I’m not sexist…..far from it.

Anyways, back to the blogs.

Most dad blogs take to the funny side of parenting life, and normally write about it in a very dry, sometimes humourous way (so do the women and mom’s etc, don’t start attacking me).

One such dad blog I follow on all sorts of social media, as well as reading his blog, posted something the other day about why he refers to his two sons on social media with the names he does.

So I had a think.

What’s in a name.

Now my surname.

I know where my surname originated from (my family are Italian), and can trace it back to the 13th/14th century.

Can you?!


If I’ve written about this before….bear with me as I can’t either find the blog post, or honestly remember writing one.

So, thebeanspooner, thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo, why?

Well, thebeanspooner originated from me being a dad. When I’d decided to write a blog, I’d done a fair few weeks of research into writing a blog, the structure and also reading blogs mainly from dad’s, as that’s what I am, a dad!

I spent a fair few meal times shuffling food into Magoos mouth when he was younger, as all parents do with a young child. And it was mainly beans! Hence thebeanspooner was born!

Thebeanspoonerswife, well it’s pretty simple. She’s my wife, I’m thebeanspooner, so it was a pretty simple step forward for a name when writing about her!

Now Magoo.

When Magoo was born, he was premature and he looked so odd.

Long story short, he looked like Mr Magoo, the cartoon character. So instantly we both starting calling him Magoo, in a loving way. It has nothing to do with the blog. He was called Magoo since birth, as well as his given name, obviously.

If we are in a crowded situation and we need his attention and can’t get it, we just shout out Magoo, and he turns to find us, simple.

So when I started floating the idea around of writing a blog, I thought do I use our real names, or not?!

After some research and lots of reading of other blogs, it became apparent that it was a 50/50 split on the real or fake usage of names.

So I decided, even though some people know all three of us, that I would use those 3 names when referring to the three of us on this blog.

Hence, what’s in a name.

I was told as a child, that when I was born, they gave my older sister (by 3 years) the chance to name me her choice of names!!

Who the actual fuck does that?!

She decided on Dennis and Benjamin. In that order.

Now I have nothing against those two names.

Dennis has, and always will be a menace in my head and life.

Benjamin, button?, rabbit?!

Again, nothing against the name.

But for fucks sake……why!?

Thankfully my parents settled on the names they chose for me.


Magoo is named after a world famous rock star, which I’ve mentioned before, and his uncle, uncle David.
Or as Magoo likes to put it, everyone knows a Dave right?!

Bloody kid.

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