Ze Russians.

We live in a postcard seaside town.

World famous for its christmas lights.

This is bloody amazing.

It has it’s good and bad points.

One of the bad point’s is the road we live on, is in a conservation area.

This means everything has to be ship shape, neat and tidy, and all above board for the local conservation society.

One drawback is the house gets painted, alot.

We don’t own our house, we rent.

I have no worries telling people this.

I don’t live in a fake world where I want people to believe we can afford to own a house here, when in fact we can’t.

I think we would honestly need to save nearly all of our life to afford to buy our house. We live in a very expensive part of our village.

So we rent, privately, from a very sweet couple who live in Hampshire I think.

They own the two cottages next door to us. I say two, it looks like two from the outside, and was two originally, but it’s now, one larger cottage.

They live here sporadically through the year. They come for new year, sometimes at easter, and for some of the summer. They are definitely here for halloween, as that’s a big occasion here, and then are here for christmas. They sometimes have guests stopping, but sometimes they don’t. We don’t ask, as it’s none of our business what they do.


Due to living in the conservation area, the house needs sprucing up every once in a while.

So in theory, I’m glad we don’t own our house, as the painting alone costs a bloody fortune.

The first year we lived here, we had the front and back of the property painted.

Last year we had the upstairs of the inside painted, and just last week we had the downstairs of the inside painted.

I don’t think the inside needs painting for conservation reasons, I just think the owners, our neighbours, are decent people.

The owners use the same painters for inside and out.

We get two very respectful painters. Both in the later years of their lives, but still witty, and full of dirty jokes and life stories.

They are amazing.

They have decent chats with Finn, talk to Bruce, as only other dog owners can and always look after him if I’m not around.

They are beyond good at their jobs.

So, the inside had a lick of paint, which meant we had to have a good tidy and store some stuff away.

We have books, lots and lots of books!

Anyways, it took them the best part of the week to do the downstairs.

They managed not to get paint on anything, well, apart from the end of Bruce’s nose, but in their defence, it was Bruce’s fault!

Their work, as always looks amazing.

After a few long days of procrastinating, the downstairs is nearly 100% back to the way it was….


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