And we’re off!

School, or the three ringed circus as it’s sometimes referred to, is off and up and running again.

Magoo is in a new class this year.

Obviously he’s in a new year as well.

He’s moved class room to a bigger room, and in with some of his older friends as well, as there are 2 school years in one class, due to him attending a smaller village school.

He’s loving it.

We didn’t have any first day nerves as he was literally bouncing to get back there, to start a fresh year, but I also think to see his friends that he’d missed over the summer.

He’d seen his best friend over the summer, not as much as we thought we were going to, but each of us had lots on over the summer, so it was to be expected.

We don’t live in the village he attends school.

That sometimes is a drawback for playing with school friends. But the ones that do want to play, play.

He came home after the first day, a little quieter than we expected.

Thebeanspoonerswife took the afternoon off, so we could both go and collect him on time.

We waited patiently in the playground with all of the other, overly keen helicopter parents, for the rustling noise of children’s feet stamping down corridors, looking for the exit.

The younger kids came out first, as I think they finish 5 or 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the school.

Then the main exit door opened.

Excited parents looking for their own children.

We spotted ours and he came thundering over to us.

He started to frantically tell us about his day, in his time old Magoo fashion.

We told him to hang fire 5 minutes till we got in the car, so he could tell us in one long, drawn out breath.

But he seemed a little quieter than normal.

Not just quieter than every other first day back, but quieter than a normal day at school.

Turns out he had had a fantastic day.

New teacher, new teaching assistant. New classroom, new table placement, the works.

Turns out it had all been a little daunting and a little over whelming for him. So he was in a sort of sugar rush come down mood, just minus the sugar, and the rush.

By the time we had gotten home, he had told us literally everything that had happened.

One happy little Magoo.

He seems to be enjoying it.

His teacher and teaching assistant this year are really good, and seem to be on the ball already, which is a good thing.

From reading the numerous bits of paper already sent home, they have a lot of things planned, not just this half term, but term, so looks like they are going to be busy!

But as for Magoo, he’s loving it, which is all that matters!

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