The lack of anything.

I need to clear the air, check in, explain without having to explain.

The content on my blog has been few and far between recently, mainly due to it being the kids summer holidays here in the UK.

6 weeks of peace and quiet and glorious sunshine……

Is it fuck!

It’s 6 weeks of trying to keep your kids entertained, while usually trying to spend as little money as possible and not killing them, or yourself!

We’ve been doing heaps.

Thebeanspoonerwife doesn’t have any annual leave until the last week of the holidays, so so far it’s been the 2 of us for the last 4 weeks….we are now on week 5…I think.

So even though I have been here, finding some time to write and edit full posts has been next to non existent!

I will no doubt try and resume normal service either the last week of the holidays, if I find myself with a spare 30 mins, or more than likely once Magoo goes back to the prison camp!

Hope you are enjoying your summer folks!

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