The haircut.

I always feel awkward taking Magoo to get his hair cut.

He goes to a pretty trendy barbers.

It is NOT a hairdressers.

I would assume, if need be, they cut women’s hair, but to clarify, it’s a barbers

Where boys, men, old aged male pensioners, get there hair cut, nose and ear hair trimmed, and beards sorted.

Well, that’s how it’s stated on the price list.

Nothing about layers, bangs, restyles, colours, high or low lights.

The main tools seem to be clippers, more clippers, fucking sharp scissors, razors, more clippers, combs and the occasional hairdryer, not for drying hair, but for turning on full blast to make all those cut clingy hairs bugger off!

But back to feeling awkward.

I am bald.

I have been bald now, longer than I’ve not been bald.

I have that little bit of hair round the back of my head, like all bald men have…..!

But out of choice, I shave my head at least every two weeks.

When I say shave, I mean I use shaving gel, and a razor, none of this clipper, 5 o’clock shadow malarky. There’s no half jobs in this house I tell you.

Anyways, whenever I take him, I always get the odd few stares from either the barbers, or the waiting customers.

There’s no worse look than being bald and walking into a barbers with your kid. Watching everyone turn in turn, with there scraggy unkempt hair, to look at you and give you that look, that looks that say, what the fuck do you need a barbers for!

He loves the barbers though.

We’ve had a few.

God, there are some shit barbers in our town.

Gone is the last of the traditional male only barbers, from years ago.

Now our town is full of hip, trendy hair salons, serving posh coffees and being staffed by hipster wankers, both male and females alike.

But, this little gem.

It’s not hidden. Far from it. It’s in a prime spot.

Magoos haircut costs £8.

He has the usual small boy cut, short back and sides and blended in on the top.

The traditional little boy cut.

And he fucking loves it!

They play pretty decent music, have a good fake brick decor, and it’s rustic.

The service is good, friendly, and most importantly all three barbers converse with Magoo himself. This is a massive plus for me.

They normally ask me what he has done, as they realise he’s still a bit too little to fully grasp what the fuck is going on, and I reckon a few kids have asked for ridiculous cuts, so they know how to cover themselves.

They also seem to know all of the local schools rules.

Our school has no hair cut shorter than a grade 2, unless for medical reasons.

So when you ask for something short, or in there eyes, too short, they double check what school you go to, if local.

I assume as they have good customer service, but more so, so the school don’t phone up and try and blame them for what they have done…..I bet some parents would plead ignorance and say the barbers said it would be ok! Cretins…..the parents, not the barbers.

It’s a hip and trendy barbers….

But I’m still glad I don’t have hair!

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