Alice Cooper.

School is finally out for the summer!

Tuesday Magoo finally left year 2, key stage one (ks1).

Which means school kicked out at 1.30pm

This meant one of two things.

One. We got the afternoon with him, as thebeanspoonerswife booked the afternoon off of work, and also grandad is on holiday this week, so it meant we had more time to do holiday things with him.

Two. Watching all the helicopter mom’s collect their kids in the middle of a working day.



It was like a scene out of a medieval cut scene.

All the IT parents standing around, in little circles, chatting away. All that was missing were there cauldrons, eye of newts and few bat wings.

But I’m sure they probably have those at home, in their well stocked larders, as they are the sort of people who have larders.

We dont, we have things called cupboards, as we are normal and our ancestors weren’t once burnt at the stake!

Most parents seemed happy to collect there kids from school early.

Some even seemed keen, waiting by the gate to open, like shoppers waiting for a massive sale to start at a department store.

I’ll never get the mentality of rushing when the gate is closed. There are no front row seats when collecting your kid from school.

You can stand anywhere in the playground, but until your child’s teacher physically locks there own eyes onto you, your child isn’t going anywhere!

I think some of the parents need to take a fucking flag on a pole, like at festivals of old, to wave around so they get the teachers attention faster, thus winning the annoying parent award for that day!

That playground would be full of flags!

Have a good start to your holidays!

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