Sports day

A bit of delayed post.

Sports day.

It’s normally a day of untold dread in our house.

Magoo is not overly keen on sports day.

He’s the short little chunky kid, you know the one. We all had one in our class, my class had me, Magoos class has him.

But he personally doesn’t give a shit.

He used to… used to really piss him off.

More so the not winning, but as he’s got a little older, he’s started to realise that as long as he takes part and has fun, that’s all that matters.

It’s not like when we were at school, you got a prize, medal, whatever, for coming first, second or third.

They now get stickers at Magoos school, for placing, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, with any remaining places getting a well-done type sticker.

I think it’s done, so even the none sporty kids still get a reward. Even for taking part.

Magoo goes to a small school.

6 boys in his year taking part.

First race, the sprint.

He gets himself all set to go.

Off he runs……he comes in 6th. But he’s happy as hell and smiling from ear to ear.

There’s an upset between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as the dedicated, sporty and stressed out boys are moaning and starting to cry as they didn’t win, or place where they wanted to!

The egg and spoon race is next.

Like the sprint, they have to run as fast as they can, but holding a plastic spoon and egg in one hand, with the other behind their backs.

Magoo came last.

But out of 6 boys, he was the only one to do it properly, hand behind back, and he never dropped it once!

That’s my boy.

Oh, he also never cheated. He never dropped his egg, picked it up and ran a few metres before replacing his egg on the end of the spoon.

He walks back to his seat happy with his well-done sticker and still smiling!

Good man!

Next up is the sack race.

Lucky for Magoo he’s short. Well shorter than the faster kids, so this gives him a little advantage.

The sacks they use are very colourful, but also have arms loops. His smaller height means he can pop his arms through the loops and wear the sack like a legless pair of dungarees!

Others have to hold the strap, meaning they also let them go and fall.

Off he goes.

We were sat at the start line, not the finish, as some of the parents that aren’t too keen on us were at that finish line end, and we both were not in the mood for social pleasentaries and awkward bullshit niceness.

But he came first!

He won a race!

He wanders off to his seat all happy with himself and his sticker.

Last race of the day.

The obstacle/assault course.

They have to run a little, get over some shin high rubber hurdles, throw 3 bean bags, one at a time into a hoop.

Run to the hoop, climb through it and then pop on a high visibility jacket, run a little and then finally put on a wig or hat, depending on what lane they are in and then run to the finish line.

Now this race causes all sorts of fights, arguments and controversy, as normally it’s where the keen kids, the competitive ones, cheat.

According to Magoo, half of the boys, the competitive ones, have been cheating in practice.

They have been going over more than one hurdle at a time, throwing all three bean bags at once, stepping in the hoop, not threw it and just running to the end.

He’s annoying, but he does like rules.

So he’s sharing his lane of hurdles with his mate.

Off they go.

They are all neck and neck.

Only one kid cheats with the bean bags, the usual suspect.

As Magoo gets to the his visibility jacket, it’s on quick as a flash, and he has a green wig to pop on.

Before we know it, he’s running and off……

He’s got a good head start as it seems three quarters of the boys in his class don’t know how to dress themselves, so are struggling with the jacket.

He’s won!!!

I don’t know weather to laugh or cry.

Thebeanspoonerswife is crying, with laughter and the fact our little man has won a race.

He walks back to his chair so bloody happy he makes me cry a little behind my glasses.

When everything is all over and done with, we quickly go and see him before he goes back inside.

He points out to us, that it’s 3 years in a row he’s won the obstacle/assault course!

So it is.

It was a proper proud parent moment!

When we collected him from school on the afternoon, he was going on like he had been to the moon.

He mentioned he came last in 2 races, and first in 2 races.

He also mentioned, which is the most important part of this story, that he really enjoyed himself.

He was happy.

He didn’t care, like some others, if he came first or last.

He was happy that he took part, that it was sunny, that he was with his friends, his best friend, and he said that’s what matters the most.

He had FUN!

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