Half time scores.

Now as per normal, everything written here is my own personal opinion and in no way intentioally meant to hurt anyone. If you take offence to it, grow a spine you soft centred filthy animals.

So, Magoo has exactly one week of school left.

One week of year 2.

One week of key stage 1.

As a parent, I cannot personally wait.

These past 2 years have been a pain in the arse, and 2 years that I think Magoo has had his education hindered on so many different levels, but mainly by one teacher.

I’m sure after reading this post some parents may feel the need to show this to school, or even the teacher that may be mentioned.

So be it.

I cannot stop you from doing or saying what you will, so please don’t stop me.

A brief history lesson on his education.

After he was born he went to a pretty good nursery near where we were living.

We moved house. We changed his nursery.

He went to a nursery that was attached to a very prominent, very posh, private school.

The nursery was neither posh or private.

BUT it was exceptional.

The nursery nurses (men and women) were unbelievable. When he went into pre reception, his teacher and teaching assistant were phenomenal.

Whilst there, he went to what would become his school, one day a week, to get a feel for it, along with what would become his year group at that school, as all but 2 kids, went to the same nursery.

So he got a feel for school and his surroundings early on.

When he hit reception class, he had a fantastic teaching assistant, who had years of experience, but was also in her last year before she left she school.

His teacher in reception class, was and still is in our eyes , the best teacher he will ever have and the best that that school has to offer.

So his early years got off to a good start.

When he entered year 1, things changed.

He went from having 1 full time teacher, to 2 part time teachers, and 1 teaching assistant who did mornings, and another who did a few afternoons a week.

So a combination of 4 adults for 5 days!


Year 1 teachers were a mixed bag.

Teacher 1, taught Monday and Tuesday, Teacher 2 taught Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Teacher 1 is awesome, they still are!

Teacher 2, we couldn’t get to grips with.

Very lazy in our eyes, and not really bothered fully. Also had there favourites, which we all know, isn’t right.

So come the end of year 1, all change.

Don’t forget, in his tiny school years 1 and 2 are together. Year 2 move out, and a new year 1 gets promoted and so on.

Teacher 1 moves classes…..Magoo is distraught and wants to know why it’s not the other one?!


Old teacher 2 now becomes Teacher 1, teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

He gets a new (not to the school) Teacher 2, who will be teaching him Thursday and Friday.

So, as the months go on, we are finding the start of each week is a struggle. Not only for us, but for Magoo and his dwindling enthusiasm for school.

The latter part of the week, he is full of himself, recanting every detail of the last 2 days at school, excited for his homework that has been set and for the following weeks end of week lessons.

It becomes very clear what’s going on.

All kids have their own favourites and his Teacher 2 is clearly his favourite.

So we watch as the weeks tick over.

It becomes crystal clear that teacher 1 has her dead set favourite kids in that class. Not just the year group, but that class.

And I will go out on a limb here, it’s mainly girls, with the exception of 1, maybe 2 boys.

The girls are also from prominent, influential families of the local and larger community.

So to be honest, we’ve realised that both he and we just have to get through the year and we are done with Teacher 1.

Teacher 2 gives the kids awesome and interacting homeworks. They organise decent and engaging lessons.

Magoo goes on all weekend sometimes about what he has learnt the last two days of the week.

But he’s less then enthusiastic about the start of his week.

Teacher 1 seems to let the kids play more, as in our eyes, they don’t seem too bothered. Apart from the aformentioned favourite kids.

So the end of term, the end of the school year, and more importantly that end of key stage 1 is nearly upon us.

From talking it over, the 3 of us can’t wait.

Mainly I think, to see the back of Teacher 1.

Magoo has a new teacher for year 3 and 4 as the year groups are combined again.

An older adult, but who hasn’t been qualified for as long as others, as teaching was a career change.

We personally think, having 1 teacher, 5 days a week, with the same teaching assistant everyday, will do him the world of good.

He’s super excited for what to come as well, which is a bonus.

He is super smart.

I’m not just saying that as I’m his dad.

He truly is scarily smart.

So I hope this teacher knows what they are letting themselves in for!

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