Father’s Day.

Father’s Day.

My dad, and the father in law got cards for father’s day.

We honestly had no idea what to get either of them, so they got a card off of us, and one each from Magoo.

I got three cards….bonus. I don’t have three kids……one is enough.

I got the obligatory pair of best in the world dad socks, and then sweets!

I’m not much of a gift person, I prefer sweets. Rot your teeth, sugary sweets!


So did you all have good father’s days!?

Those readers whose partners ex’s etc who don’t bother with there kids anymore, or have passed way, do you celebrate being an extra parent!?

And those readers that don’t have father’s anymore, I send my regards.

My father in law isn’t the best, but he’s definitely not the worst.

He’s 74 now.

I’ve known him over 20 years. He’s a good bloke, bit moody and contancerous, but hey, he’s been divorced for about 30 years, and spent that time on his own.

He’s set in his ways. He’s also a good grandad, and that’s what counts.

My old man isn’t the best, and the same again, he’s definitely not the worst.

My parents have been divorced over 30 years.

I never really used to get on with him that much. It was always, I better see dad, better stay in touch. Then as I got older I valued his opinion, and liked choosing to spend time with him.

Now I’m older, I see both sides of my parents divorce for what it really was.

But I suppose it’s not till you get older you start to look at things properly. You don’t when you’re a teenager. You’re just always angry and think it’s all done to hurt you.

But he’s good. We get on now better then we ever have.

And he’s an amazing grandad to Magoo.

Magoo has one grandad, my father in law and one nanny and grandad, my step mom and my dad.

So only having one nanny, she’s the favourite, easily!

They all visit when they can, like I said, they all live over 300 miles away.

My father in law normally comes for Christmas, as he’s on his own, and maybe once or twice in the year. He’s in his 70’s and a bit frail, so travelling by train, as he doesn’t drive anymore, is a little bit of a ball ache. But we enjoy seeing him, and I know Magoo loves it when he visits.

My parents, well, they are both in there early 60’s, so still work full time.

My mom (Stepmom), works in education, so her holidays revolve the school calendar.

My dad on the other hand, is an engineer.

His holidays are booked by the year and I assume fought over, as he’s the eldest, so all of his kids work, most people have younger kids, so probably book the school holidays off first before him.

But they visit when they can. They came for Magoos birthdays last year and I think are coming for it this year.

Magoo loved them visiting.

They both still drive, so last time they took him to and from school for us, so he got to show them off in his own little way.

I know last time he dragged them through the school, showing them his classroom, his chair, his peg, his table, like kids do and then every nook and cranny right the way through to the hall and then outside to the playground.

I don’t know who enjoyed it more, them or him!

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