Beach shaming.

We live literally, 50 yards from the beach, so about 50 yards give or take from the sea, tide depending.

We are lucky in that sense.

But unlucky in other ways.

We love the beach.

Magoo adores it.

He also knows how genuinely lucky he is to live so close to something so amazing.

You may think that living in Cornwall, beaches are nothing special.

And I suppose on a level, you might be right.

Within a 30 minute care drive, we must have over 30 beautiful, clean and stunning beaches.

But we have one 30 seconds away.

How many people can say that these days?

We live in a sleepy old fishing village with its own harbour, the bonus for us being it has two very clean, tidy and awesome beaches, on either side of the cresent mooned harbour we call home.

We live on the South Quay. Meaning we have a smaller beach, but it’s gorgeous none the less.

We also have a very safe harbour to swim in, that leads out to the open sea.

Magoo swims like a fish. It’s our favourite type of exercise.

We try to swim twice a day during holidays and weekends, depending on high tide.

Magoo loves to jump off the harbour wall into the sea, so the tide really does need to be in.

Now, is summer fast approaching or is it already here?!

The warm weather is upon us, let’s just say that.

But the warm weather makes the beach and the sea, better, but it brings the summer bodies and extra levels of anxiety for people.

Not everyone has a god like beach body.

Jesus, I worry sometimes that when I get in the sea, some fucker is going to harpoon me, mistakingly thinking I’m a whale off on a jolly!

I wear a wetsuit by the way.

Not that I’m ashamed on the way I look, oh god no.

I personally couldn’t give a fuck about that.

I like to stay semi warm. A wetsuit means I have more freedom to stay in the sea for as long as possible.

Longer then most, as ironically I have a higher body fat content! Eat that and die surfer bodies!

Anyways, back to my point.

Be nice to each other, be positive, be kind, be supportive, even more so when at the beach.

As I can tell you, everyone is looking at everyone else’s thinking, shit, are they looking at me and judging me for the way I look?!

Do I wobble too much, am I too thin, am I to fat, do I have stretch marks on show, hair on show and every other inconceivable thought and body hang up.

Fuck em.

Fuck em all.

You go and enjoy yourself.

As for your kids, if you have any, they don’t care.

I read a brilliant quote the other day, from a source I never paid attention to.

Your children don’t care how you look, they just want YOU to spend time with them.

If people want to stare and look at what I’ve or you have got, then let them.

Fuck em all!

Have a good summer, and if you do get to the beach, respect not just it, but each other!

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