Is it the end of the week, or start of the week?!

I assume it’s the end, as we say it’s the last day of the weekend, with Monday being the start of a new week.

A Sundays ago, it was not only Father’s day, but also a party day for Magoo.

I’m sure there are a few nosey mom’s who have been waiting for me to write this post since the Sunday it happened.

Sorry to disappoint ladies (I use that term loosely, like them), but I’ve had other things to do.

We only got the party invite on the Friday before, so uber short notice, and it was also father’s day on the day of the party.

We had no plans for the day of the party, and Magoo decided that yes, he would love to go!

Well I say no plans, I had a few things planned but the other two, they did not.

So it was decided that as the invite had those dreaded words on it, parents are welcome as well, it was decided that thebeanspoonerswife would take Magoo, and then I would tag along to collect him later in the day.

Check out my other post about father’s day.

So presents wrapped and card written out, off went Magoo and his mom to the party.

It had been raining on and off the previous few days, so wet weather gear was asked to also be in attendance.

Off they went.

Now, I wasn’t there for this bit, but according to thebeanspoonerswife, she successfully dropped Magoo off, with all added bonuses as well.

She made her excuses to the birthday child’s parents and said she would be back shortly, after collecting me.

Now I received a text, telling me what a bitch fest and shit show it was, as all of the usual bitchy, clicky mom’s from school where there, with their amazing children…..try and work out the sarcasm.

So when thebeanspoonerswife collected me, we headed straight back over to this rocking party!

As soon as we rock up, you can tell this places oozes with bitchyness.

There are kids running riot everywhere, not an adult in sight looking after them, but a shit tonne of adults filling their faces with the copious amounts of free food and drink on offer!

Thebeanspoonerswife wanders in to try and find Magoo, and see if she can find his bag of extra wet weather stuff he took with him, as now we are here, we may as well stash it in the car or it will get forgotten!

The next thing I see is thebeanspoonerswife go storming across the carpark and back to the car.

Now, we’ve been together over 20 years. I know what this means.

As I spot Magoo, he runs off with some friends and I can see the boot of the car being angrily closed and thebeanspoonerswife jump into the drivers seat.

As I make my way over, I can already see she is angry as fuck, but more importantly, she is crying her eyes out.

Why are adults so mean?!

The passenger window is open and as I peer through, she is all upset and crying. Not petty crying, but that crying where you can’t breath due to being so upset and angry.

A few cross words and a few fucks and cunts later, she tells me what happened.

As she walked through the door to the room every adult was in, she felt they were all staring at her, in their own unwelcoming way.

She said no one spoke, well not to her, they carried on staring and talking to who ever they were already talking to, and stuffing there faces with the free food buffet that was on offer.

She suffers from pretty bad social anxiety.

So I know what she means and what she feels.

She said she’s never felt more unwelcome anywhere before, let alone at a small child’s birthday party!

So as I spend the next 10 mins trying to calm her down, and stop myself going over to a room with over 30-50 of ignorant and rude women and their unknowing husband’s and a few random children, and calling them all ignorant cunts.

Magoo spots his mom upset and comes over to the car to check she’s ok.

He sits in the car with her and gives her a cuddle, the only way he knows and she seems to settle nearly instantly.

He has that affect.

He will never know, but he truly is a life saver.

So after he vanishes again to play with the army of children who are outside unsupervised, we make our way over to the picnic area to sit and watch the kids play.

Don’t get me wrong, apart from say 5 kids in attendance, I couldn’t care less about the other kids.

I look through the door to the building and room where the main party is happening, and it looks like a medieval banquet from a 70/80’s cheap film.

Every single adult had a massive plate of food.

Don’t get me wrong, the host is amazing, and that’s what they would have wanted, but for fucks sake, it’s a kids party, for kids, and not a single adult was checking they were all ok!

Makes my piss boil!

You may read this if you were in attendance and disagree, but in the hour we sat outside, did 3 or more kids find you and say they had been hurt?

They did to us.

Now, out come one or two mom’s, mainly one who really cares about her kids, the other as I think she was tagging along. They hang around their own children and interact with a few others.

Magoo points out that the new kids from school are here, and so are there parents.

I think he wants us to go and say hello, as a way of breaking the ice and helping him cement a kid relationship with the newbies.

So, being the parents we are, we stick our heads in and spot the parents.

We are too late!

All hope is lost!

They have already been snatched up by the mom’s. It’s like watching Medusa stun her prey and turn them to mythical stone.

Ah well.

It means our already bad name has been worsened in the ever so bitchy circle of school parents.

There will be a next time, I’m sure.

We stay around for a while, the birthday cake is cut, the song is sung and the kids go back to playing, while the parents go back to getting type two diabetes from all the free food on offer.

It’s decided that it’s time to leave, as the afternoon is running out, and it is father’s day, as well.

So a gracious and polite thank you and good bye is made to the birthday kids parents, cake and goodie bag collected, we head home.

I’ve never been so relieved to walk back to the car, climb into it and drive away.

Best thing is , Magoo had a good time.

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