Mug shot day.

Yesterday was mug shot day at school for Magoo.

Well, it was class and team mugshots.

Luckily (?) He doesn’t play in any teams, so it is just his class photo.

Until he’s graced us with his presence after school , we don’t know if it was his actual class, as in his year picture, or his class class picture.

There are not many kids in each year, so they get clumped together.

Magoo has two years in his class, one being his.

So it’s either of his class/year, or all of them in his class.

We would have to wait and see.

He did leave the house this morning, looking very smart, glasses had been cleaned and he’d combed his hair, what a bonus.

Off he went!

Bruce and I had a very random day to be honest.

Bruce is getting old, and I mean old, but still behaving like a mid life dog, which is brilliant to see and be around.

Albeit he smells like a dustbin and I think it’s getting to that time when he needs to go to the groomers for a a short back and sides.

So we potter all day.

He’s is honestly the best company I could ever wish for.

Magoo arrives home with thebeanspoonerswife not far behind.

And it starts…..

The talking, the entire day crammed into 45 seconds………

He gets a little frustrated as I keep asking him to repeat parts, as I’m afraid I don’t talk 7 year old speed chatter.

Turns out they not only had team photos taken (something he has no interest in telling us about), but they had an entire class picture, so both years together.

Which in theory is nice.

He was more excited that he got to stand on a bench, he’s a little short, but that doesn’t bother him.

So I can’t wait to see the proofs that get sent home of these!

I will, as always, keep you all posted.

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