Back-to-front. Not just a raggy doll.

I’ve recently been having trouble sleeping.

I’m not worried about anything, nothing on my mind, no stress, the usual causes.

So why the mild insomnia?!

I have no idea.

I fucking wish I knew.

It started with me staying up seriously late, well into the next morning and then falling asleep, say 3-4 am, and sleeping till noon.

No energy, nothing.

Just tiredness.

It’s now got to the fucking annoying point, where I sleep at a normal time, so always before 11pm…..then I wake anywhere between 2-4 am, and I’m wide awake.

Imagine over dosing on red bull awake (I don’t drink redbull, but I can imagine the feeling). I can’t get back to sleep for love nor money.

But come 5.30am, I’m struggling to keep my already tired and heavy eyes and eye lids open!

I’m normally sleep then till at least lunch.

It’s plays bloody havoc with my system and also my motivation.

The last few days I’ve been having this same routine, minus one thing.

I’ve been trying my hardest to stay awake….struggle through the 5am sleepiness and just struggle all day.

In the vain attempt this might help sort the back to front sleep pattern that my idiotic body is doing to me! Today, is such a day.

I’m trying my hardest.

I got to 5.45am, and hit the pillow, hard.

And slept till 9.30am.

I’m currently fighting sleep.

But so far, I’m winning!

I’ll keep you posted through the week, how it goes, and if my insomnia decides to fuck off or not!

Only time, and dare I say it, sleep, will tell.

5 thoughts on “Back-to-front. Not just a raggy doll.

  1. I know this struggle all to well! I was up till at least 3a last night trying to fall asleep. One thing I’ve found that helps me is stopping all Caffeine intake around 12p or 1p. But, sometimes that doesn’t even help!


      • Are you a creative type? I find sometimes it’s because I think of ideas right before bed that keeps me up. I’ve been thinking of taking melatonin regularly, but I don’t know, I hate how I feel in the mornings after that shit.


      • I am a little, You see, I normally do my drafts for posts of a night time, as I find it easier to write, and get more ideas.I always wake up feeling hungover, but I don’t drink!


      • I’ve thought about doing a sleep study, maybe some day. I have to write the idea down at night otherwise, I’ll plan it all out while I’m laying there.


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