The F21 summit.

You wouldn’t believe it to look at me, as some folk are judgemental, but I read, alot.

As an avid blogger and blog follower, I read alot of content that some, or maybe even most of you, either don’t, or don’t even know exists.

I follow lots of blogs.

Some as they are interesting, hysterical, to the point and some as I look for inspiration, but most as I find them entertaing, insightful and truthful.

I’ve also noticed something different to my own blog.

As a parent, and most importantly a dad, I follow and read alot of parent blogs, but more specifically, dad blogs.

We all need to stick up for each other right?!

But I’ve noticed a trend in other people’s blogs from my own.

The censorship.

They write with ease about their kids (not normally mentioning them by name), and the schools (again no names) they attend and so on.

They don’t seem to care.

They don’t seem to get censored.

Why, how come ?!

Censorship, if you’ve been following is a sore point with myself, this blog and it’s contents.

I was ordered, yep, that’s right, ordered heavily, months ago, by Magoos school headmaster to censor and alter some of the things I had written and described, as apparently, some of the parents (insert, influential, helicopter parents) had complained, and the complaints had made there way to the school governors (surprise), who apparently weren’t too happy.

So I did what I did, deleted a few posts, altered a few words and that was that.

Now I’ll be honest.

I take medication to help with my mental health problems.

I had a full nervous and mental breakdown, only a couple of years ago.

I’m telling you this, as the medication helps.

Not only to level the playing field, but it stops me from having shitty thoughts, and being so depressive I could kill myself.

Now, I’ve noticed for a few months I’m not myself.

Not my usual, blunt, to the point, man bitch, of myself.

I made a conscious decision a few weeks back, that when my last lot of loopy meds ran out, I wasn’t going to take anymore.

I’ve tried this a few times in the past, but only lasted a few days, sometimes not even lasting a day.

They are drugs after all.

But this time I thought I owed it to myself to give it a real go!

Well that was well over a week ago.

No meds at all for mental instability.

And I feel fine.

I dont feel like I’m going to kill myself, or so depressed I want to slice my wrists open.

The only thing I feel is fucking knackered.

At present my body is slowly getting my days and nights mixed up.

But more about that in another post, aren’t you lucky!

So, no meds.

Means a realisation.

No more prison, prison yards, jailers etc.

My blog is mine.

School, will never get a name drop.

If you know me, us, you already know, probably, the name of Magoos school.

Magoo will always be Magoo, again, you might know his name, but to me, he’s Magoo.

Same as the wife, thebeanspoonerswife, she has a name, but why mention it, if you already know it.

Parents at school, are just that, parents, mom’s, dads and the fucking dreaded, helicopter parents, well in my case, helicopter mom’s.

Get over yourselves.

So, after having the F21 summit, normal business will commence.

So to the helicopter mom’s out there, go for it, as I know I am!

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