Vital statistics.

Vital statistics.

This, is in no way meant to be sexist, or have any connection to a females vital statistics, so to speak.

This has everything to do with viewing statistics.

I haven’t posted a great deal in over a week, as it’s been Magoos half term from prison.

I would much rather live in that moment with him, then sit around tapping away on an electronic device, detailing every single little thing we have gotten up to.

He comes first.

Always has, always will.

But, I think I may have posted a few quick posts, randomly, and also about random waffling stuff.

But for some reason, one day last week, I won’t bore you with the times, dates etc, but I know when, I had a massive influx of traffic to this blog.

Odd you might think, as I did.

I have no idea why.

Do you!?

I’ve checked, double checked, looked at pie charts, graphs and spreadsheets, all showing me the amount of traffic, where from and other such boring statistics.

But I still can’t work out why.

Very odd.

But also highly amusing, as I know where the traffic, or visitors viewing has come from, I just dont know why.

Obviously certain posts, containing certain trigger words have had a massive spike in viewing, so there’s a little bit of a trend, but still.

I’m stumped.

Like I said, I’d rather spend time doing actual things, than staring at an electronic device, maybe others are different, or still just nosey.

Either way, thanks for the boost in visitors and viewings!

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