First day back.

So yesterday I lost my holiday partner in crime.

It’s always the way, just as we settle into a good routine, the rug is pulled out from under us, and Magoo has to return to the open prison.

But such is life.

I always find the first day without Magoo around, to be an absolute ball ache.

When he got up to get ready in the morning, he didn’t seem to keen to get going, so we just assumed he was as pissed off about going back, as I was for him.

Still, he sorted himself out in his own little way, and both he and thebeanspoonerswife left for their daily grinds.

Bruce and myself spent the entire day pottering, catching up on a shit load of laundry and some random house work. Slowly trying to get back to normality.

Bruce’s union strike is over with, so he’s back to his usual routine of lounging around, looking murderously at the cat and generally being my little black furry saviour .

Before we knew it, it was that time of the day when all hell breaks loose, as the remaining members of our little family arrived home.

Magoo was bouncing.

They have 3 knew members that have just arrived in there cell block, so he was frantically telling us both everything he knew about them!

Whoah….I knew he could talk, but by god’s, he really can speed talk!

But, bless him, he came home alot happier than when he left. Which as a parent, is always a good sign!

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