You know when you say, or do something, and you aren’t expecting a reaction, but deep down, you know you’re going to get one, but do or say something anyways, as you just don’t give a shit?!

Well I’ve had one of those such incidents today.

While driving in the car thebeanspoonerswife and I were talking about something, and my remark made her roll her eyes.

I asked was it nice to have me back on fine form!?

I’ve not been feeling great recently, so have been a bit quieter, tamer, than normal.

But yesterday and today, I’ve felt alot better, alot more, ah fuck it, if you know what I mean.

She said she always worries what comes out of my mouth. I mean, 23 years is a long time, and I know she is used to it.

But back to my normal self, and I assume she means she’d calmed down worrying of late, but has obviously noted my more obnoxious streak is back, so is again on alert for everytime I do, and more importantly e everytime I say something.

I’ve always been taught to treat people the way I want to be treated back.

If you come at me all guns blazing, I’m more than likely going to be a mean and obnoxious twat.

Start shouting and swearing at me, and I will honestly teach you some new words.

But I can also be kind and compassionate.

But…I will always speak my mind. There’s no point in being two faced and sugar coating anything, as you think the recipient may get upset or take offence.

That’s not my problem, it’s there’s.

So once again, I’m assuming she’s on edge so to speak, anytime a noise comes out of my mouth!

But the reaction, well, I did and said something earlier, out of pure curiosity, and honestly, got the best political response I could have ever wished for.

I don’t sit on the fence, I normally push it over.

Enjoy the weather Mofos!

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