Half a world away.

Yesterday was an odd day.

So far today has been the same.

Yesterday, the day was shared with Bruce being his usual self, and the cat, Hobbes, as per normal, being a prick. I did mention in one of my previous posts about his seagull nest habit.

Well yesterday and so far today have been no different.

I haven’t been sleeping well for a few days, so the moment everyone else in the house gets up to start their days, I’m half asleep and ready to pass out.

Yesterday was so far the worst day for this. I woke about 3.30am and stayed awake till about 5.30am…..our alarm goes off about 6am.

Magoo was awake when the alarm went off, and then so was thebeanspoonerswife. I on the other hand started bloody yawning and feeling sleepy.

I think my body is getting it’s days and nights mixed up.

The two of them set about there usual morning shite, and before I k we it, they were shouting goodbye and slamming the front door shut on the way out.

The next thing I knew it was nearly lunch and I felt like a bear with a sore head, a huge hangover headache, minus the stomach churning drinking the night before.

I’ve been feeling like this most mornings…..well, mornings for me.


Today marks the start of half term for Magoo from his prison camp, and the start of a bank holiday weekend.

So that means thebeanspoonerswife is off until Tuesday.

I was reading something in the news today that touched a nerve, but politically. But I don’t really do politics. I had a post all planned out in my head and then decided not to bore you with it….that’s what politics does to me, bore me to fucking death.

I’d rather put red hot pins in my ball sack, if I’m honest.

So today was the same as yesterday. I feel constantly sleepy and on another planet.

Which one though….?

There’s a joke there somewhere, I just can’t think how to get to the punch line.

I was checking some viewing stats again today, you know, how much reach my blog has, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I was also shocked after my few recent posts, that I’ve not received an email from the prison laying the law down to me!

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