See, I told you.

I was pretty unwell during the night.

I have no idea why. I just felt like death, and from what I pooped out, I think death had sneaked up there.

I’m still not feeling 100%, but the show must go on.

So yesterday I posted two blog posts about the prison camp.

One about what was going on in the world, and the other in response to the massive influx of visitors and readers yesterday, to that exact first post.

See, as the owner of this blog, everything contained in it or associated to it is mine, all mine, mwah ha ha ha haaaaaa.

So I can see all traffic, visitors, readers, shares, the lot. As I’m a sneaky adult, I can also see where you have come from.

So, if you’ve followed the Facebook link, the Instagram link and so forth. But I can also see if you’ve followed it directly, or from a third party.

On my own private Facebook page, where I also share the links for these posts, I have a lot of choice individuals blocked. Don’t be shocked.

We all have people we have blocked, some of you wont admit it, as you want us, and everyone else, to think you are a lovely, happy go lucky, friendly person who gets on with everyone.

Total bollocks.


I know there are certain people who cannot view my posts. But still do.

Which is fine, almost amusing.

Yesterday saw a massive influx of people viewing the first of yesterday’s two posts.

Maybe they were ecstatic with joy, as it was a new post.

Maybe they wanted to read the next exciting load of shite that goes on in my life .

Or maybe, just maybe, they were being nosey fuckers like normal.

Either way, I found it highly amusing.

While writing this post I had to go pee.

I thought I’d treat myself to a sit down posh pee, and took my phone, as you do, to help pass the time.

I noticed that even by 8.30 am this morning, I’d had a shit load of views of my blog, and yesterday’s first post.


So, from my conclusions, I’ve found sit down pees are worthy of the hype.

I’ve also found that some people, and yes, I know who you are, get triggered by key words.

These key words I will keep using.

Just for the fun of it.


Oh, I’d recommend a sit down pee, if you’re male, but not a stand up poo…..way too much can go wrong with that one!

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