The amusement school.

Now, over time, I’ve noticed a trend.

Not like a clothing trend, far from it.

Not a musical trend, even further from it.

I’ve noticed a trend on my posts.

ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING that may mention, or slightly mention Magoos school, always gets lots of views.

Now let’s get a few things straight.

I’ve never used my real name.

I’ve never used thebeanspoonerswife real name.

I’ve never used Magoo’s real name.

I’ve never mentioned his school, where it is, or its name.

You would only know a few, some, or more of these things if you already know me, my family, and where my child goes to school.

That is your problem.

Not mine.

No names or places have been mentioned.

So please, for the love of your fake god, get of your high horses, stop being vain and thinking everything is about you, or your precocious child and get a fucking grip on reality.

Just take this as a blog.

1000’s of people write them, and mention things my name’s and places.

But maybe the people in their wider circles aren’t so fucking pathetic like some people.

So I may use names, places, from now on, or I may not.

But for now…

Fuck off you saddos’s.

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