Ah, the olde skool dilema.

So, today is Wednesday.

The prison system is hotting up, due to it being summer term.

Magoo, as per normal, hit his target of 10/10 for his spellings.

Each year they go on a little trip. As he’s still little, they also go camping. But for his age, it’s just one night away, but they cram loads in.

They normally go to the Eden project. A subtropical domed paradise. But not this year.

This year they are off to Newquay zoo!

I was told as follows….

Dad, we aren’t going to Eden this year…..we are off to Neewww Keeyyyy Zoo Zoo Zoo …in a booming 7 year olds voice!


They go to prison on the day of departure, with all of their crap needed.

Then off to Eden, back from Eden, and a fun evening of activities, camp food, sleeping in a tent with their mates, and then back to prison the following day before lunch!


Now, this is where the fun begins.

If you are reading this, as your child may also attends the same daily prison camp as my own child, assume this post will mention you, as you are probably vain enough to think it is about you.  When in fact it’s not.  It’s about the wider audience.

But please. Read on.


We get a list of things to pack. You know the score. Make sure they have a jumper with the prison badge on for the trip (don’t want to loose any kids), packed lunch, water bottle. Then their sleeping stuff, pillow, roll mat, sleeping bag, pjs, a small teddy, the usual common sense stuff.

Now last year we didn’t get as much notice, so there was a frantic rush to make sure his sleeping bag was still big enough, it wasn’t, so a new one was bought, and a new roll mat. One of these self inflating things…..all good.

So this year….not so much of a rush, but alot more notice. Which is good.

He’s truly excited as they sleep in these massive tents, with pods all over the place, which he enjoys.


I can just speculate some of the conversations when some kids got home with there letters, from some of the parents.

Oh, I wonder if they are going to be doing this, or that.

I wonder if they need any help on the trip to Eden!? As I’d love to go.

I wonder if they need any help at the camp site on the night time!?

I wonder if they need any extra hands to sleep over night, you know, just in case!?

I wonder if they need ME to tag along, as I’m the best person for the job.

I’ll answer all of those with one simple word.


Leave your kids to be kids.

Let them run riot at an indoor tropical paradise, with their friends.

Let them enjoy being outside, at camp, playing games and making memories, without you.

Let them have night camping with their friends, in a tent, in a field, surrounded by adults they know, but are not YOU, their parents.

No, they don’t need YOU.  If they did, they would ask.

These are the type of activities that I love Magoo doing on his own.
Making awesome memories with his friends, with us not around.

Yes, we will miss him and worry about him for the night, well 2 days so to speak.

BUT, we know he’s with responsible adults.  But adults that are not prison mates parents.

Let your kids be kids.

Let them do things without you.

Let them, be them, not miniature versions of you, as for fucks sake, you are enough as it is!

I hope they all enjoy their adventure away, and the weather is nice.

I’ll keep you all posted!

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