The week that was.

It’s been an odd week, this past week.

We have just got to Friday afternoon.

Not only is this the last week of my 30’s, but it had also been Mental Health Awareness week.

Were any of you really aware, no pun intended.

I didn’t really know that May, the entire month, is Mental Health Awareness month, but more importantly, it’s Mental Health Awareness week in the U.K

There seems to be a massive stigma attached to mental health at the minute, well, full stop.

What, is it not fashionable like alcoholism or a drug addiction!?

Obviously not.

If you mention the words mental and health in a conversation, let alone the same sentence, most people tut, roll their eyes and look at you with the most fake, sympathetic, pathetic and ludicrous smirk, and go, it will be ok ….just get on with it.

For men, it’s 100 times worse.

I know.

First hand experience.

So think before you speak if someone says they are having a bad day…..they may be having a fucking bad, suicidal day….you never know.

Enough waffling…..see, world champion material.

So this week.

It’s been an odd week.

Magoo seemed to grow about a foot in height, even though he hasn’t grown at all really.

He’s 8 in October. This still shocks me. All those times people would say, they grow up so fast, when he was smaller, and we used to just chuckle. But he is growing up so very fast.

But he’s still just as sarcastic as ever, maybe even a little more than normal.

He’s been enjoying prison on a daily basis, which is good, but I also think helped by the nicer weather, the summer uniform, and they normally have a few more outdoor activities, again, due to the weather. Summer term is always his favourite, so the apple falls exactly from the tree, as it used to be mine as well.

I’ve had an odd week, streaked with tiredness and the most unbelievably bad headaches, borderlining on migraines, mutating into an early on set stroke feeling.

So it’s been a fun week.

Thebeanspoonerswifes is a scientist.

So for her job this week she’s been assessed by her governing body, so that’s been causing her excess levels of stress and causing major levels of ball acheness.

So to be frank, I think the adults are fucking glad this week has finally reached its end.

To top the week off, Magoo came home and told us he was on the special table at the prison camp today. He was fucking ecstatic!

By special table, I mean the table for the kids that have done something positive all week at prison.

Apparently he’s been behaving really well at lunch times this week, so he got to sit at the good table for lunch today. Meant he got his choice of lunch and a special dessert.

This means alot to a 7 year old!

I miss those days!

Roll on the weekend!

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