The headache from hell…….

You ever get that feeling that your eyes are trying to leave your skull, at the first available opportunity!?

Or is that just me….?!

I suffer from tension headaches due to high blood pressure. Well, I don’t, as I have my blood pressure under control and medicated, otherwise I think my eyes might explode, shortly after my skull.

But I still suffer from random headaches.

They are a cross between a migraine and a stroke.

Searing pain in specific spots on/in my head.

Like I’ve said before, pills and potions aren’t really my cup of tea, and I’ve found certain stronger painkillers, can, if used irresponsibility, make it fucking worse!

So what do you do when you suffer from headaches or migraines…..!?

I’d love to know, seriously I would.

I’ll try anything.

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