Once more into the breach!

Sounds ominous doesn’t it.

Once more into the breach, dear chum.

It’s not.

So don’t panic.

As this is the last week of my 30’s, it does honestly feel like time is slowing down!

Should things change!?

Including today, I have 3 days left. As so e one said to me yesterday, I’m leaving the 30 club…..

I didn’t even know at 29 I was entering the 30 club, let alone at 39 leaving the bloody thing.

Is it a thing!?

Is there a joining fee, monthly subscription fee, a badge, hat, or a funny handshake even!? I hope not, it took me long enough to sort the handshake out that I do on a rare occasion use as it is.

I read an article last week about turning 40. Written by a husband and wife duo of journalists, who both turned 40 in the same year.

Thebeanspoonerswifes and I both turn 40 this year, exactly one month apart.

So I read it with a little bit more interest than I do most things.

Hunt for it yourself online….I’m not going to spoil anything.

So 3 days.

I’ve spent today nursing what can only be described as the hangover from hell. Thing is, I don’t drink alcohol anymore, so I’ve had the blistering, crippling headache, minus the beer sweats and dry mouth.

As ever my trusty steed has been keeping me company and making sure I’m ok, Bruce as per normal is my saviour.

I know it’s sounds it, but turning 40 really doesn’t bother me.

It’s just another day…….

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