A blockage.

There’s nothing worse in my eyes, than a blockage.

After recent events and troubles you are probably thinking the blockage is more to do with my bowels than anything else.

Well that’s where you are wrong!

Recently I’ve had a writer’s blockage.

I have a 1001 ideas of things to write, but it’s just finding the motivation to actually write them down, into a post, or anything that slightly resembles any sense.

I can waffle for the world.

If there was a world waffling on competition, I surely would be the representative for whatever we would be calling ourselves at the time of this great competition.

Where was I?

Ah yes, a blockage.

I have 1001 ideas, but sometimes finding the motivation, let alone the time to get these thoughts into a post that is coherent and sensible, is so fucking time consuming you wouldn’t fathom it!

But recently, due to being ill, and really struggling no to cough a lung up every time I took a breath, I’ve not really felt like annoying anyone with my mundane thoughts.

But then it’s all come flooding out.

Take Monday’s social experiment. Not only was it a time consuming nightmare, but it did help me have a little fun and vent some silly thoughts.

Sometimes it’s good to clear the hour, as I’ve said before, zero yourself.

So hopefully the randomness is back, and I’ll find the time and motivation to continue annoying most of you, and amusing some of you.

You’re welcome by the way!

Oh, on a different, if not same note, if you do like my randomness, let me know, if you don’t, tough shit, don’t read it.


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