The lost point….the missing tip!

Today is a Tuesday.

Yesterday was Monday.

Monday was the start of the last week of my 30’s. It was also the first day of Mental Health Awareness week.

I decided last week, that Monday, yesterday, I was going to carry out a small social experiment on my own personal Facebook page.

Would it work!? Would it go over people’s heads!? I didn’t have a clue when I thought about it initially. Now it’s happened and is in the past, I’ve concluded that it may have worked, and yes, it did indeed go over at least 90% of people’s heads.

This 90%, they were the ones it was aimed at.

You see.

People that struggle with mental health problems, mainly depression and anxiety, use social media as a way to get lost in the mundane, to chill out, to calm down and relax. As I call it, to zero themselves back to normal.

I know, as it’s what I do.

You get lost in the ether, somewhere you don’t have to connect, somewhere you can hide, so to speak, but in the public domain. You don’t really have to physically speak to anyone, or really interact, face to face.

So, my social experiment was to give this 90% a sort of taste of there own medicine, so to speak.

I decided I was going to chronical my day.

Literally everything, including how many times I went for a pee, and had a crap. There would be a few mundane pictures along the way, not of the pee and crap….it’s not a pay-per-view, subscription profile…..I’m not giving it away.

So I started posting, annoyingly, everything I was doing , either while doing it, or straight after I’d completed whatever it was.

It went swimmingly, to the letter.

By 10 am, I’d already had a handful of private messages asking me what the fuck was going on, and if I was going to be fucking do this all day, as it was annoying the message sender.

VoilĂ ….it was only 10am and it was working.


I had the rest of the day to perfect my ever increasing pointless posts!

I don’t really care for the entire, I’ve got more friends than you comments……but I had made a note of how many people I’d started the morning off with.

Before noon, I had lost 6 so called friends. By the end of the day and my annoying little experiment, I would be down by 20! Ouch….., If I cared, it would have bothered me.

So. I upped my game.

Pointless Facebook status, after pointless Facebook status. Some about my toilet habits, but mostly pointless annoying dribble.

Oh, and pictures. Not of food though, as I dont really eat that much in the day. What I did eat, I gave mouth watering descriptions of. The sort of descriptions you’d find in high end restaurants. But I only had a salami wrap and a packet of ready salted crisps! Oh, and a lemon and lime Calippo ice lolly…..that meal was my most bullshitted and overly over the top descriptive!


It was working.

But still, some people didn’t get it, the point of it all.

I had a few awesome comments, about how me documenting my day in a piss take, over the top way, was keeping them amused and helping them get through their own day.

But others, well, I did have a few more choice messages, again asking me to shut the fuck up, give it a rest, yes we get your point, blah blah blah…!

To be honest, it fell on deaf ears.

I posted a status just after dinner, which left me choking for air as I was chuckling so much at it. I think thebeanspoonerswife and I were the only ones who found it that funny….. but still.

After a a certain time of the day, social goes BOOM!, and everyone is home, catching up on the days activities and normally trying to go one better then most on there so called news feed.

The challenge was on.

More posts about random crap, and actual craps, thrown in with a description of Bruce going for his evening crap, as well…he’s not one to be left out.

I had 2 messages in the early evening.

One super positive, explainng how my posts had helped the person cope with their own shitty day…..

One from a total cretin, bitching about all day their phone had been pinging as my posts were causing them to have notification after notification…….

I honestly don’t think some people could see the irony.

I finished my day off as normal.

Going to the loo before I jumped into bed to watch tv/watch random stuff on YouTube.

I enjoyed immensely posting about my day.


It was annoying.

It was exhausting.

My phone was constantly on charge due to being used all day (I have a decent new phone, it was just used way too much).

It was painful.

I also think my point was put across to the 10% really well. The 90%, the narcissistic, vain, 90%, just either didn’t get it, didn’t see the irony, or are just that….the 90%.

My social experiment helped me understand alot about people.

Why they are so narcissistic and vain. Why they will always be, in my eyes, the 90%.

Social media, in my eyes, is a wonderful tool, a wonderful means to communicate, but I also think it’s a fucking nightmare.

There’s way too much cock measuring that goes on, out doing of each other, checking in and showing off, and inspirational and motivational bullshitting quotes.

No one wants to see that.

Social media should be just that….social. Not a place to ridicule and hurt people.

People will always be opinionated, I know I am.

But I always check to see if people are ok.

I always check and think before I post stuff.

I dont post half or even more, than I used to.

I rarely do a status update……as do you really want to know what I’m doing or thinking, every waking hour of the day…, I didn’t think so. So why would I, or anyone else want to know the same from you.

Wow, you’ve checked in here, or checked in there… a little, or a lot in the 90% case.

Stop talking on your phones and telling us blow by blow accounts.


Just think.

Maybe instead of posting an inspirational message or post you’ve googled, screen shot or downloaded and then posted as your own, ask a friend you haven’t heard from in a little while, if they are ok, or how are they doing… never know!

All I can say is, my experiment is over with.

I’ll go back to posting this blog, sharing a few news stories and articles I find interesting, and check in with the people who are my 10%.

As I know that’s the safe, non dramatic thing to do.

The 10%!

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