Ideas, pipe dreams and the start of a long standing thought.

So recently my content and writings have been few and far between. Like I’ve said in a previous post, sickness and mehness are not a good combination.

I’ve had a few ideas rattling around for ages now in my ever so slightly empty skull.

From this coming Monday, whatever that date is, I’m going back to doing daily snippets into our life. Monday will be covering the weekends, Tuesday Monday, Wednesday Tuesday and so on until Saturday, which will cover Friday. Nothing on a Sunday….that’s Mondays job.

But in-between annoying you on a daily basis, my next idea is not only to write a bit more content on the life of thebeanspooner, thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo, but chuck in some random stories from our past to keep you interested and my own mind ticking over.

Topics I’m thinking are mainly to do with the different places we’ve lived.

For example, when we lived in Derby, we worked at a Threshers off licence, while at uni, that had a brothel above it. We had a night club over the road from our house, that was mainly responsible for the massive in take of cocaine into the city for a few years, and to top it off, we lived in the middle of a mile, yes a mile, of pubs, all on one road. This all took place in a out a 1/4 square radius!

And that’s just one place.

There’s also places we have worked.

One example, like I said above, we used to work at a Threshers, together some nights. We used to have huge, massive displays of wine all over the place, and you couldn’t beat the night a raging alcoholic came in, 5 mins before closing and threw himself into the display, destroying 10’s of bottles of red and white wine…..

Fuck me…..I could write a book just from the time we lived in Derby!

So there you have it.

Not only am I going to throw in some life stuff, our usual goings on, but some posts about what’s gone on before, before thebeanspooner happened, and many tales before Magoo was even a thought!

Don’t worry, Magoo will still feature heavily, as this is about him and us.

But some of the stuff we’ve seen and done….it will shock you, disgust you even, but it will certainly entertain you, and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most!

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