Words words words Or the lack of.

The lack of words, either insightful or annoying, depending on your preference, has mainly been down to us all being a little under the weather since the Easter holiday.

Add illness, to being busy, to being on prison break and then add all that up to being exhausted and you get sort of close to a time line of why no words have appeared.

Magoo had a bug, which got passed to thebeanspoonerswife, which thoughtfully got passed onto me.

Hers took a slow week to try and slightly kill her, slowly drawing itself out, making her feel better, then making her feel worse, to making her even sicker, to then slowly buggering off.

She’s into the second week of this bug, and she still isn’t back to her normal self.

It attacked me last week, Thursday/Friday time.

The same as thebeanspoonerswife, slow, drawn out, night sweats, feeling sick, bad cough, multicoloured snot and everything else that gets hacked up.

I’m just coming to the end of the first week.

Like thebeanspoonerswife, I’m feeling alot better, but not great.

Exhaustion is a key part to this bug, so even mundane tasks are a killer.

But hey, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

I’d say get a doctor’s appointment, go see them, take whatever course of meds they give you


If your doctor’s is like ours, where the bloody receptionist thinks she’s medically qualified, you will never get an appointment.

I normally call and say it’s a problem with my balls, not testicles, my balls, or my dick.

I like to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. That way if I do get an app, when I go to sign in, I make sure I find the one from the phone call and be as polite and overly nice as possible…..all the while scratching my balls!

But this time we have both just ridden it out.

So to be honest, the last thing on my mind recently has been to update my blog, as staying awake, not burning, and taking in shit loads of liquid has been high on my daily agenda….oh and sleeping. Lots of sleeping!

So folks, if your feeling peaky, take care.

I’m back!

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