The back, the front and the way forward.

Fuck my life.

Last weekend (it’s now Thursday), maybe Sunday afternoon, I sat down, and when I tried to get up, I couldn’t.

As in at all.

I’m not 40 for another month.

I must have trapped a nerve somewhere in my lower back, arse region.

I’m still feeling it now, but at least now I dont have to use Magoo as a literal balancing aid, or to help me get stuff lower than my waist level!

Something he found highly amusing to start with, but fucking annoying after that initial pissing himself with laughter had worn off!

On another note, he went to prison this week.

Not till Wednesday I might add. So we had a few days this past week, still on his Easter holidays, being the little nightmare that he, and probably ever other 7 year old was like.

But his first day back seemed ok. He rattled on about everything that had happened in great detail. I’m honestly sure this kid could win a speed talking competition…..are they allowed to enter at this age? Can they make money from it!? I’m going to have to look into this!

But he had a good day and that’s the main point.

So my back.

It’s twitching, and basically being a pain, no pun intended.

The blog.

Hopefully from today, it should be back on track.

So you can go back to reading, spying, chuckling or whatever it is you do.

Enjoy Mofos!

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