Time and tide…..does it wait?

So, I’ve been a bit absent for a while, as I have a thing called a life.

I know, I know….blogs, social media, gossip, pictures, more social media, should always come first, but for me it doesn’t.

Having a clear head, a happy head, will always come first. Well, after thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo of course.

So I’ve been absent for about 3-4 weeks.

Loads has gone on, but alas, I really don’t care for sharing it.

Right now, it’s the Saturday during Easter bank holiday weekend.

The sun is shining, there’s a slight breeze, and the weather is amazing.

One of our oldest school friends is down on holiday in the next few days, with her two daughters (one is Magoo’s age, one is a little younger), and her best friend, and her children. I think there husbands/partners are working.

They are all staying about 45mins to an hour away, but whenever they are down, we always try to meet up.

We haven’t seen her since moving to the village we are in now, so.since we live so close to the beach and a safe harbour, they are all.comimg over here….Magoo wants to show them how to fling themselves off the harbour wall into the sea!

Speaking of Magoo, he’s been ill. As in properly ill. Which for him is a rarity. He’s not a ‘normal’ child in so many ways. His main one is he doesn’t get ill as much, or even at all. But he’s been suffering with a cold and a shitty tickly cough for a few days, and wasn’t his normal quick witted sarcastic self, so a trip to the doctor’s was needed.

A quick MOT showed he had a viral infection and he needed to ride it out. The magic Calpol elixir was to be taken.

He’s now coming to the end of this virus, and he’s still got an annoying cough, but does seem 100% better in himself. His sarcasm is back anyways!

So, as the weather is gorgeous, it also brings out the nutters. You know the sort……!

Oh….a bit of sun, let’s show as much flesh as humanly possible, or let’s wear clothes that truth be told, would look out of place in a Dutch red lit window! Even worse, sandals and socks, but even worse than that, men and flip flops……and toe nails…..for fucks sake…!

As we live in a picture perfect holiday village, we get to see it all, and normally on a 1 or 2 week revolving carousel of madness, from April till October!

And boy do we see it!

Also, all bets are off. No one can seem to drive, let alone park or reverse!

But alas, it causes hysterics for us, so it doesn’t really bother us.

Magoo loves this time of year.

He’s now the only person from his prison who lives in our village, as the other little persona and his family have moved back to town.

So once again….he’s the only one. Something he’s incredibly proud of.

This time of year brings craziness, events, but it also brings the beach, the sea, warmer weather, and for us, and myself especially, lighter mornings and even lighter later nights!

It also brings alot of time spent in the sea….and I mean alot!

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