Where is my mind?

Readers, followers, viewers, whatever you call yourselves and what I call you, sorry for the lack of posts, when I said I would be posting more.

I’ve not been my best.

The last week and a half has been a right royal pain in my wobbly arse!

The last time I posted anything, was just after Magoo had been having a tough time at the prison and we were working on his anger issues.

He did really well over that weekend, using his band to control his anger management. When he went back to the prison camp on the Monday, it all fell apart.

He has wrap around care at the prison. He attends the morning club, and after prison club.

The mornings are a bit hectic, and on the first Monday after having a chat, he found himself having to go to the head warders office for a quiet chat.

Seems he was being a little too loud, and stroppy, so we thought. But after a very heated argument at home, lots of crying and some emailing backwards and forwards, we got the actual true story. And surprisingly it was what we first thought.

He assumed he was in trouble. But he wasn’t.

Something was going on in the prison hall where they all gather, one of his friends was being rude and exceptionally loud, so Magoo was shouting at him (go figure) to be quiet. His friend started hitting him, so Magoo got louder, but still stayed semi calm. His head warder happened to be walking past and saw what was going on. He used his brain and took Magoo out of the hall and up to his office, just for a general chat. Not for any wrong doing, but from the emails, it was done to take him out of the equation and to prevent any meltdowns. They had a good chat about anger, ways to combat it, and ways to cope with it!

So better then we thought.

So Magoo wasn’t 100% in the wrong. Fair enough.

Later in that week, one of his warders actually commented on how well behaved he had been, how calm he was, compared to the week before, and that they could see he was working hard to control everything.

It’s always nice getting feedback,bit even better when it’s positive and other people can see and notice the change and difference’s.

We turned a point the following weekend.

We got Magoo a fitness tracker. One for kids.

Seriously …. Setting goals and rewards….best thing we’ve ever done!

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