Rounding off the week.

Well this week has been a little bit of and up and down rollercoaster of a week for me.

We skyped my parents at the start of the week, and they filled us in on there Austrian skiing trip for my stepmoms 60th birthday.

My little sister ruined her knee and my little brother gave himself a stage 4 fracture of his collar bone!

Little, they are both over 18, so no longer little…..just easily damaged by the sound of it. But my stepmom had a good time, with only a few tumbles, that she seemed pretty happy about.

She made Magoo laugh as she told him about skiing straight into a fresh bank of snow, like a cartoon wall of fresh powder, and having to reverse herself out of!

Magoo also got a little bit of a shouting at while doing P.E. Apparently he wasn’t hitting the basketball hard enough, so got told to hit it harder and bounce it higher…..he’s 7. If he hits it too hard, to make it bounce higher, he’s got a good chance of it either running away from him, or giving himself a nose bleed as it hits him in the face, so go figure.

Tuesday was the dreaded spelling test. Magoo is back in full swing, with only a few slight lack of concentration mistakes! Knob!

But he’s back on track and full of over enthusiasm like he used to be, which is good, as he’d slightly lost interest.

Wednesday was a boring day, mainly pottering and having in depth conversations with Bruce. Laundry and cooking.

Thursday was an odd day. While looking on Facebook, a sister of someone that both thebeanspoonerswife and I went to secondary school had posted about her brother, the person we had both been to school with.

The previous week he had taken his own life, and from asking another school friend, seems he had been ill for some time, just never received the support he should, or needed. Shame, he was a good laugh at school, and hindsight is a wonderful thing. Maybe not just myself, but others including me, should have kept in touch more. But it’s easy to say over 20 years later.

Friday, today.

The dreaded BT are coming out to check our, their, internet speed, as supposedly it’s running slow. We hadn’t noticed a major difference, apart from it loosing connection a little more frequently than normal. But we live at the sea side, nothing is normal.

So I’m currently waiting for the engineer to turn up, as he has a 8am-1pm slot!

So your guess is as good as mine!


He turned up about 9.30am, so that’s a bonus.

He’s had a cup of coffee, played with and spoke to Bruce, always a good sign, and has run a few tests. Apparently there’s bugger all the matter with it, so he’s gone to double check the green box up the road, and is currently checking a box up a pole, over the road. He said he will give it a tweak, whatever that means, and should all be done! Which it was.

Bruce and I have spent the rest of the day pottering and tidying up.

The weather has been gorgeous, think middle of summer, with a slight chill to the breeze, but lovely none the less. So both the front door and back are wide open, letting the breeze carry through the house.

It’s nice living where we do, as our house is atop a little slope in the road at the end of a terrace, even though we have a huge Sunday school building next to us, if you know what I mean.

We have a little front court yard, which is rare for our village, meaning Bruce can sit in the front door way and be able to see everything that going on, without doing a runner. Something he enjoys, as secretly he’s an old nosey man!

The cat spends his afternoon sunning himself in the front, and I hear numerous people talking to him and grabbing his attention as they walk by.

He is well known in the summer to sit and stare at people for a photo opportunity. I bet there are 100’s of photos of him added to people’s holidays pictures ….little shit!

I have a pile of laundry to sort and fold.

I wonder if Bruce will help?!

Guess what, he didn’t!

It didn’t matter as there wasn’t as much as I first thought.

The rest of our night passed quickly and everyone settled for bed, earlier than normal, as the week had taken its toll on us

More about that on another post.

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