So what’s been going on?!

So what’s been going on readers!?

How have you all been recently!?

I think last week, or maybe the week before, I took it upon myself to take a different direction in my blog.

To just write. Write about topics, subjects, instead of a day to day diary so to speak, with a few random topics thrown in for good measure.

If I’m honest, I thought it would be better for me, personally, just writing about topics that I’m interested in, or that stir up a little thought, or just piss me off.

It turns out for me, it wasn’t better.

I maybe posted a handful of blog posts, instead of my one or two short daily posts.

Could I be bothered? Had I lost interest?!

In a round about way, yes!

I’d did loose slight interest when Magoos’s school, sorry prison, and some parents, were more than slightly pissed off that I was writing about my day to day life, and THEIR establishment was featuring heavily in it.

Of course it was going to. This entire blog is about being a dad, you know, to a child that attends a prison camp daily for his education.

It’s honestly not my fault they are all vain and think everything is about them, when in fact, it’s not!

So after the aforementioned censorship, a threatening email, my blog took a different turn.

I didn’t loose interest, so much as I lost momentum. Having to constantly change ideas, censor my own words, as to not upset the handful of vain and narcissistic parents that attend the same prison that our child does.

But again, I’ve decided to say a big Fuck You.

I done my research, spoken to the right people, and nothing I’ve said, written or anything else, is liable or slanderous, the words used in the not so pleasant email.


How are you all?!

I’ve and a pretty tough two weeks. Not because of no writing, I’ve just not been feeling my best.

We all know mental health is a touchy subject and one that has been in the news alot recently.

I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, or becoming a sheep, I have always been a sheppard, and I don’t normally discuss this at all.

But recently my depression, paranoia, anxiety, call it want you wants has reared its ugly head again.

After the not so pleasant email from Magoos’s educational daily prison camp, my mentality took a bit of a knock.

If you’ve never suffered with depression, real depression or anxiety and stress, you have no idea, what so ever, what it feels like, let alone when it disappears and you think everything is fine, for it to slowly creep back into your head and kick you right in the balls!

If you have suffered from it, or do suffer from it, it differs from person to person, but you know exactly the feeling I’m trying to describe.

So I’ve decided to kick myself in the balls.

To toughen up, to ignore all of this shit from the prison. Just carry on being me.

Everything I write here, has happened, or is happening.

So thebeanspooner is back.

Magoo has been getting along nicely at the prison, even though we are still deciding whether to move him somewhere else next educational year.

We aren’t happy with certain aspects of the current prison, and to be honest, if you make complaints or bring them to anyone’s attention, what will it do!? Our faces and names don’t fit, and we aren’t about to become members of the helicopter parents, just to get our voices heard.

But we haven’t decided or committed anything yet, much to the dismay of certain individuals, we would assume.

Magoo is settled, doing well, he has a good group of friends and enjoys 99% of his current Orwellian-esq prison. It’s just those niggly things. The niggly things that happen, maybe because he is who he is, or because of who his parents are….maybe, we don’t know yet. There’s little plans in action.

But he’s doing well, keeping up with his spellings and he got promoted to a new reading level some time last week!

The leak in the house, that was fixed last month is still going strong, as of yet.

Thebeanspoonerswife is working her socks off, doing what she can when she can.

Hobbes has taken to literally sleeping all day and being a shithead all night….again and still.

Bruce is Bruce.

My saviour and conversation buddy most days. His replies are few and far between, bit I’d rather spend my day with Bruce than most other people!

Myself …..well I’m hanging in there. Being annoying, upsetting people when I can, and generally being myself. I just wish the voices would go fuck themselves and leave me to get on with my life.

But we can’t have it all, can we!

It’s nice to be back, nice to be not giving a shit and even nicer to be writing what I want, about what I want and not worrying what anyone else thinks, says or does!

Have a good day!

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